Sometimes when Bob forgets to come home at night he comes up with these tall tales to cover up where he’s been.
This past Saturday he was about to come home when a great big ol’ spaceship landed right next to his car, keeping him from getting out of the parking lot.
Yep, a couple of aliens came out and insisted that Bob help them take on some supplies, so what could Bob do except walk with them into Wally-World and load them up with beer and some meat snacks.
These aliens, named ‘Sam” and ‘Sam,’ (they aren’t big on names up there, I reckon’) had never had beer before, and within about two minutes they were both so drunk they couldn’t drive their spaceship!
So Bob had to wait all night until they sobered up enough to move it and afterwards he drove streight home!
At least that’s what he told his wife.
Of course he never could explain how all of their beer cans ended up in the back of his car.

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