JigsawADay.com launched in the summer of 2005, and has, with only a few exceptions due to unforeseen events such as being without power for a week during a snowstorm a few years back, published a new daily jigsaw puzzle every day.
We also have multiple CD-ROMS of our past jigsaw puzzles available at low prices for you to enjoy too.
All puzzles are copyright © JigsawADay.com. Images are copyright either JigsawADay.com or their creators, and are all used with permission from their owners as per the stock exchanges they were downloaded from, or the puzzles given directly to me to use by the photographer, or the photographs I took myself.
JigsawADay.com assumes no liability for the use of the puzzles, and that includes making large amounts of time disappear while you enjoy the puzzles.
Please note that all jigsaw puzzles are thoroughly scanned before being published, using multiple anti-virus and anti-spyware tools. It is with utmost care I check these before being published, however there is always the possibility of some unknown event, like the recent SSL scare, could occur with this or any other website. As such, we recommend you always keep your anti-virus tools up to date.
Note that some tools, most Notably Norton / Symantec products, occasionally report false positives that usually clear themselves up after an update.
There are also several other tools that don’t seem to like the fact that the banner at the top of the page is a link back to our website and seem to treat that as adware. It is not. It is simply a link to take you back to JigsawADay.com.
Also the puzzles do create a temporary file on your hard drive to keep track of what is where while playing the puzzles, and this temporary file is removed when you exit it. Some tools don’t like this despite the fact that many other programs, such as MS Word or nearly every Microsoft product uses temporary files too, and these false reports are the result of sloppy programming on the part of the tool providers, not us.
Please enjoy the jigsaw puzzles, and if you have any questions, you can contact me through my Facebook page.