(Note: We got hacked. If you are seeing this, then everything is all right. Actually the hackers injected a redirect at my ISP’s level, so it just appeared to be my site. My ISP says they are getting it fixed. No puzzles were infected with anything!)
I have some ancient ruins, right out in my garage.
There’s the log cabin (or what’s left of it) that I built out of Lincoln logs when I was a kid. Well, it’s more of a pile of old sticks, now.
There is also the ash tray I made as a kid, back when smoking was the expected practice for your parents, and the bird house I built that fell apart the first time a bird landed on it.
Come to think of it, those ancient ruins are actually trash waiting for me to throw it out.
Enjoy the puzzle. I have to get rid of some old junk. On eBay!

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