Once upon a time there were these three bears. Mama bear, Papa bear, and Banker bear.
Mama and Papa bear had a nice little cave they lived in, and plenty of honey to eat, a stream to catch fish, and a nice field to play in.
Then one day Banker bear came along and told them they needed to plan for the future, and he could help them.
So Mama bear and Papa bear agreed to give Banker bear some of their honey and some of the fish they caught each week, in exchange for Banker bear promising to return what they gave him and more when they got too old to climb trees to get their own honey or to catch their own fish.
After many years Mama and Papa bear decided it was time to start getting some of their honey and fish back, so they went to see Banker bear, but Banker bear had some bad news for them.
“Hunters and builders have moved in and taken over, so there isn’t hardly any more honey and the fish are almost all gone!” (except for what Banker bear paid himself,) so Mama bear and Papa bear wouldn’t be able to collect as much fish and honey as they were promised.
So Mama bear and Papa bear did the only thing they could do – they ate Banker bear, and lived happily ever after.
The moral of this story is, bears don’t like it when you take their fish and their honey. Better to have the three little pigs as customers. It’s easier to take home the bacon that way.

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