Tuesday’s jigsaw puzzle, like the soldiers in it, is tough.
If it is too tough for you, I apologize. I’m just in one of those moods.
I was out shopping yesterday when the woman (I won’t call her a lady) in line in front of me decided she didn’t want something she had picked up.
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Rather than return it to where she got it, or ask the cashier if she could put it back for her, this woman decided to just plop it down on the nearest available shelf.
I politely asked if she wouldn’t mind putting it back where it belongs, when she replied “That’s what the employees are for.”
The problem is, I’ve seen people discard frozen food, including expensive steaks, the same way rather than returning them to where they came from.
If an employee finds frozen food sitting out like this, they don’t know how long it has been there and have to throw it away, which results in higher prices for the rest of us.
I used to work in retail, and I hated having to spend an hour a day picking up stuff that was out of place and putting it back or throwing it away just because some people are too lazy to return something to where it came from.
The final kicker in my day? Less than ten minutes later, I stopped at a stop sign and the guy stopping from the other direction opened his car door and threw a half-full plastic cup onto the road. Guess he thought the “Do not litter” signs didn’t apply to him.
So I’m just a little disgusted with how thoughtless some people can be.
I’ll get off my high horse now, so I can go outside and pick up the trash that blew into my yard from the messy people up the street that never taught their kids any better.