I’ve sort of been to a spa before.
It was in Thailand. I didn’t know it was a spa until after we wandered in there.
I and a couple of Navy friends were on liberty there, and we saw what looked like an interesting bar on the other side of a fence.
Truck (that’s what we called him) didn’t feel like walking around so he just jumped over the fence. Being the idiots we were, Bob and I followed him.
At the bar, we asked for a couple of beers. The bartender snickered at some unknown joke, and served us something that tasted like filtered grass water.
Then he asked us for our room numbers to put it on our tabs.
An embarrassing moment or two later, we were escorted off the property and told that the health bar was for paying guests of the spa only.
And I didn’t even get to soak in a hot tub.

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CC Image courtesy of Lyn Gateley on Flickr