A woman (I won’t call her a lady) made a rude noise at me at Wally-World today. (That’s what inspired today’s jigsaw puzzle.)
Her shopping cart was on one side of the aisle while she stood on the other side picking over the wine and talking on her cell phone at the same time.
I waited a few seconds to see if she would notice me and let me by, but she ignored me. I said ‘Excuse me, please’ twice, without a response from her.
Meanwhile another shopper approached from the other direction and tried to indicate she needed to get by too. No response, just more cell phone yacking.
I finally spoke up louder and said “Excuse me, but can you please let us by?”
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She turned away slightly and put her hand over her ear as if I was making it hard for her to hear, so I just walked forward and pushed her cart out of the way.
That she noticed, and she went off on me for touching her cart.
After letting her rant for a few seconds, I quietly replied, “Perhaps if you were to hang up and shop people wouldn’t need to move your cart in order to get around you.”
That’s when she made a rude noise, grabbed her cart and stormed off, all the while yelling into her phone about the rude people in the store.
That’s twice I’ve had an experience like this at Wally-World.
And these people are allowed to breed.