Sometimes dealing with the government can be a bit of a pain.
I had to go pay a tax bill today. Paying it wasn’t so much the problem as after I left.
I couldn’t find my car in the parking garage.
It was my own fault, though. I didn’t leave a trail of breadcrumbs back to the level I left the car on.
The parking deck wasn’t labeled properly, and I parked in the center of three empty spots when I got there.
When I got back, my tiny little Smart Car was surrounded by a couple of big, hulking SUV’s, which made it hard to see.
You know, the kind a family of six could live out of? The ones that the owners always seem to need an extra half-parking space to park it in?
Both of my doors were blocked by these two rocket scientists, including the one that backed into the space so he would still have room to climb out of his door.
Since I had backed in, the only way into my car was through the rear hatch.
Yes, it was hard getting into the car that way, but at least I didn’t feel too bad about the footprints I left on the hood of one of the SUV’s climbing over it to get to my car.
Next time I’ll just pick up my car and take it inside with me.

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