Bob came over today looking kind of glum. In between bites of three-meat pizza (with everything, of course,) I asked him what was wrong.
Seems his wife was on a health food kick again and she had fixed him some sort of grain casserole.
Remembering the complete lack of sympathy Bob had for me when my wife made a tofu and broccoli concoction when she was on a health food kick I replied “Mats borrible,” while wiping some stray cheese from my lip.
“What did it taste like?” I asked while grabbing the last slice of pizza and taking a bite.
Bob just glared at me. I could tell he wanted that last slice, but his wife had already called me to tell me not to feed him anything, and who am I to argue with someone who can swing a cast iron frying pan like Tiger Woods does a nine-iron?
Anyway, Bob was kind enough to share a photo of his lunch with us for today’s jigsaw puzzle.
To show him appreciation for the photo I had a pizza delivered to his house. Vegetarian, of course!

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