I went to the store today, to get a few things.
There was Halloween stuff everywhere!
Candy. Fake spiders. Candy. Styrofoam headstones. Candy. Skeletons. Candy.
Did I mention the candy?
Anyway, I know Halloween is still several weeks away, but all the Halloween junk (and candy) got me thinking about it, and when I got home I found my wife putting out the Halloween decorations.
So I decided, what the heck. I would do a Halloween jigsaw puzzle. Not that I wouldn’t do a puzzle for Halloween anyway, but this one is just a couple of weeks early.
So here is the jigsaw puzzle.
I think I’ll go check out my wife’s decorations, and I might as well have some candy too.

Easy   Medium   Hard   Tough  

CC Image courtesy of William Cho on Flickr