Two Jigsaw Puzzles For The Price Of One!

Hey, two times free is still free, right?
OK, I got a little hyper on the sugar cookies tonight, so here are two jigsaw puzzles for you to enjoy.
The first one is called “Marguerite” and it’s a flower, not a drink or a girl. Granted, they all go together real well, like a… um… a jigsaw puzzle?
Yeah, OK.
The second one is called “Nabil Lahoud” and it is a painting of Egypt or from Egypt. I’m not completely sure because my hieroglyphics aren’t too good.
In fact, Nabil Lahoud might even be the name of the artist.
Let’s just say that the puzzle is Egyptian and leave it at that.
I wonder if there are any more of those sugar cookies left?
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Nabil Lahoud jigsaw puzzle graphic image
Easy   Medium   Hard   Tough