It was a dark and cloudy night…

So there I was, late at night, following the suspect as he crept along the street while trying to avoid the lights.
I could avoid the lights, too. Problem was, I kept tripping over these strange bumps in the road.
After that last stumble, I gently placed my hand over my left shoulder, just to make sure that “Big Bertha” was still there.
Big Bertha was my gat. The aim wasn’t that great, but the bullets she spat out were more than big enough to make up the difference.
With her, I could hit the side of a barn from over 100 paces.
The suspect paused in one shadow for a moment. Thinking I had been made, I faded into the darkness.
A second later, there was a flash of light. My heart started racing, but it was only from a match. The idiot had paused for a smoke.
Or had he?
A sharp smell pierced my nose when suddenly, I realized I was standing in a pool of…
(To be continued…)

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(Continued from above)
dirty salty water. Which was really strange since we weren’t anywhere near the ocean.
Glancing up, I could see the red glow of the end of his cigarette in the darkness, so I stood there, waiting for him to finish his smoke and move on.
But the red glow just sat there. A minute later I realized what an idiot I was.
He was gone, and the cigarette was just sitting on a window ledge, while he escaped in the darkness.
Sighing, I knew I would have to start over if I wanted to find the man that took…
The preview pictures from Tuesday’s puzzles. Yep, it’s a mystery as to where they went.