Did I stutter?
I’m sorry. I’m still a bit upset. I was over at Mrs. Karputzsky’s house watching her slice some meat for a sandwich when I realized I hadn’t seen her cat in days, if not weeks.
What could have happened to such a sweet little cat?
No! She’s such a sweet old lady! She wouldn’t! Would she?
Looking up from her cleaver, she asked me what was wrong? “Oh, nothing,” I stammered. “I was just wondering where your cat was.”
Slamming her cleaver down into the chopping block, she glared at me for a second, then said that the cat had run away, probably on the same business trip as her husband.
I have to admit, the sight and sound of that cleaver burying itself into that chunk of wood got to me.
I mean, she could have knocked a splinter or something into someone’s eye!
(To be continued?)

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