I had an appointment at the VA on Friday, and while I was there, I saw what appeared to be a homeless man walk into the hospital. When I got to the check in, he was there already in line, waiting to be seen.
Looking around, I realized that more than a few of the veterans there looked like they could easily be homeless.
This caused me to think about how lucky I am to have a home and a family.
A while back I read about how, on any given day, there are 100,000 homeless veterans in the VA network.
That never really sank in until I saw this man, and the others like him that were there.
While I know this isn’t a subject many like to think about, and I’ll probably lose a few visitors because of this, I hope some of you will follow the link above, and make a donation.
This is a problem that shouldn’t exist in this country, but it does, and we shouldn’t ignore it any more.

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