Muffins – Tuesday’s Tasty Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

I made some muffins because, well, I wanted one and didn’t want a store bought one. I made a kind of banana nut muffin with chocolate chips. It’s my own recipe, too! They turned out pretty good, all things considered. Enjoy!

Good Chemistry – Monday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

If you’ve already been over to WordSearchADay you know I spent a good part of my weekend under a house and cleaning out clogged drains. I’m convinced that had I waited a few days longer, I would have discovered a new form of life growing under there. Guess you could say there was some chemistry […]

Colorful Twirl – Sunday’s Abstract Jigsaw Puzzle

Things have been such a blur lately that I felt the abstract photograph in today’s jigsaw puzzle was somehow appropriate. Then again, I probably need to clean my glasses.

Saturday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle – Sea Life

When I’m not out finding Nemo, or having a big fish sandwich, I like to watch some sea life. I bought a DVD that is supposed to turn your TV into a giant aquarium. I’m glad I only paid a dollar for it. I was hoping for some more action than this thing has. I […]

Old Style Shoes – Friday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

I saw shoes for sale like these in the Philippines years ago. They were all hand made, and they would make them to fit on the spot if you didn’t mind waiting about twenty minutes. I bought a pair, and they were comfortable as long as I stayed indoors. Of course, the one’s in today’s […]

A Brown Bear On A Tree – Thursday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

I told Bob I was doing a jigsaw puzzle of a brown bear, and he immediately started telling “bear in the woods” jokes. Old “bear in the woods” jokes. Then he started singing the lyrics from that tissue commercial with the bears. After we sent him home, his wife showed up wanting to stay with […]

Three Coins In The Fountain – Wednesday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Fountains are almost always nice. I remember a favorite one back in college. Someone dumped a box of laundry detergent it in, and soap bubbles went everywhere! It was kind of funny, but I’m glad I didn’t have to clean up the mess. Today’s jigsaw puzzle is a fountain without soap. Enjoy!

Tuesday’s In Like An African Lion Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Sandy in Kansas asked for a jigsaw puzzle of a cat. Actually, a large cat, and this was the biggest one I could find. I really like this cat because I’m fairly certain my wife won’t want to adopt it and take it home. Bob said that was good because he heard it can be […]

My Living Room – Monday’s Cleaned Up Jigsaw Puzzle

(Quick request – if you like my site, please share it with your friends, including Facebook friends, relatives, etc. Thanks!) I finally got the living room cleaned up today. Looks pretty good, huh? Of course, the rest of the house looks like Bob’s trailer after a four-day weekend when his wife is home visiting her […]

Coastline In Montenegro – Sunday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Today’s jigsaw puzzle is a nice shot of the coast of Montenegro. It has a long and rich history, and many historical places to visit. Enjoy!

Railroad Crossing – Saturday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Sometimes I like to go for a drive in the country, although I don’t seem to get to go as much as I used to. I still see old country things now and then. Across the tracks you can see the bottom of an old style windmill in today’s jigsaw puzzle. Of course, I’m not […]

High Hotel – Friday’s Eye-Bending Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

You’ve heard of the movie “The Last Air-bender?” Well, today’s jigsaw puzzle is an eye bender. I think my eyeballs crossed on this one. No, it’s not abstract art. It’s actually the inside of a nice hotel. It’s also a bit tough just because of the shape. Blame Maggie. She wanted one that was tough, […]

Abstract Art – Thursday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

I made some abstract art once, but then I had to clean up the mess, and my mother wouldn’t let me sell the top off of the kitchen table.

Onions Can Be Funyuns!® – Wednesday’s Crunchy Jigsaw Puzzle

Well, not really. I was a little surprised to learn that Funyuns® contain some onion powder, but is mostly just corn. Wonder why they didn’t name them ‘Cornyuns’ instead. Well, we will be making our own onion flavored snacks from the onions we are growing ourselves. It’s amazing what you can substitute onions for. Except […]

Playground In My Mind – Tuesday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

I heard an old song on the radio today – “Playgrounds in my mind” – and thought about this simple but nice playground for a jigsaw puzzle. What can be better than combining a playground with a puzzle? Enjoy!

Smoker – Monday’s (cough cough) Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Today’s jigsaw puzzle is a bit darker than my usual ones, but I found this picture of a smoker who stepped outside at night for a quick smoke to be a good photograph. You can tell it’s late and cold outside. Enjoy! (The puzzle, not the cigarette, that is.)

Mandala – Sunday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Today’s jigsaw puzzle is a picture of a Mandala. Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning “circle” and has spiritual and ritual significance in many different cultures. I think they look pretty. They also make a pretty challenging jigsaw puzzle. Enjoy!

Weathered Old Fence – Saturday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

I have a fence that I need to go scrape old paint off of so I can repaint it. It looks sort of like the one in today’s jigsaw puzzle, except that it has a few more years on it. It’s also a gossip fence, where people go to gossip. If fences could talk, I […]

A Really Nice Ship – Friday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Today’s jigsaw puzzle is for all my fellow sailors out there, and anyone else who likes boats of all sizes. I went from a mid-sized ship to a small one, and finally to a great big one! (The USS Enterprise.) Of course, I still have my tiny one for the bathtub. It sort of still […]

Dragon Carving – Thursday’s Bad Driver Jigsaw Puzzle

(Private note to the soccer mom with a lead foot on Kivett Drive – The speed limit isn’t a personal challenge or contest, nor it is simply a suggestion. Slow down before you kill someone. Also, learn what a turn signal is for.) I saw a wood carving much like the one in today’s jigsaw […]

Umbrellas – Wednesday’s Spinning Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Today’s jigsaw puzzle is of some umbrellas. Did you ever spin one around when you were younger? How about now? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Me too. I actually have two versions of today’s jigsaw puzzle for you – regular and rotating. Enjoy! (P.S. – The $5 sale ends Friday!) [pinit] These are the puzzles […]

Tuesday’s Out Of Season Jigsaw Puzzle – Horse In The Forest

Betsy asked for something simple with a horse, and to be honest, I really couldn’t find one until I ran across this photograph. It’s for a different time of year, but seemed to fit the bill. Besides, I have to do a different kind of jigsaw puzzle once in a while, right? (P.S. – The […]

Monday’s Extra Tough Jigsaw Puzzle – Balcony

Donna and Richard (married 52 years this week) asked for a tough jigsaw puzzle. Actually they asked for an extra tough jigsaw puzzle, and I remembered this photograph of repeating balconies I had, so I used it for today’s jigsaw puzzle. Congratulations you two! Here’s your puzzle. Enjoy! (P.S. – We have a $5 sale […]

Country Landscape – Sunday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

I like driving down country roads. You get to see really neat things and interesting people. Of course, driving in the city has it good points too. Today’s jigsaw puzzle is a country landscape. Celine asked for it, and I’m happy to oblige. Enjoy! (P.S. – check out the sale on the right side of […]

Private Garden at Sunset – Saturday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

($5 Super Sale! Details on the right side of the page.) If you have friends you’ve never shared these jigsaw puzzles with, I think today’s is a good one to start with. (The big picture is even better!) I saw this photograph, and thought to myself, “Wow!” It’s a beautiful garden, and the colors are […]

Escalator Music – Friday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

OK, is this thing an upscalator, or a downscalator? Guess it’s just a matter of which way it is pointed. A few months back I ran a mystery jigsaw puzzle of an escalator, and got some good comments about it, so thought I would look around and find another one. I like this one even […]

Thursday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle – Rusty Car In The Woods

We looked at buying some land a few years ago. It was about four acres, and walking around it we found a couple of old rusty cars. Today’s jigsaw puzzle is a look at what a rusty car in the woods looks like. Just don’t go looking for them at night, especially if the woods […]

Fire Hoses – Wednesday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

There is a firehouse a few blocks away from my house, so it isn’t that unusual for a firetruck to go by once in a while. Today’s jigsaw puzzle is of the rear of a firetruck after a fire. Enjoy!

Plitvice Lakes – Tuesday’s Waterlogged Jigsaw Puzzles

Plitvice Lakes National Park is (are?) another place on my bucket list. It’s the oldest national park in southeast Europe. It’s also the largest in Croatia. The little bit of rain we got made me think of the waterfalls, so here is a jigsaw puzzle with some waterfalls in them. Am I rambling again? Does […]

Monday for Puzzle Jigsaw Art Flower Day Fool’s April

Happy April Fool’s day! This year my April Fool’s day joke is – no joke! Seriously! I’m not doing one this year In fact, for today’s jigsaw puzzle I’m doing an abstract flower. Enjoy!