A Small Village in Morocco – Friday’s Jigsaw Puzzle

This small village is located in Morocco. I thought it was very interesting in it’s structure. Those small white dots you see are satellite dishes all over the place. I found this jigsaw puzzle pretty fun to play, and a little tough. Enjoy!

At The River In India – Thursday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Having visited India once, I found the photograph in today’s jigsaw puzzle to be somewhat familiar. I found the people there to be genuinely friendly. It was crowded, of course. There are a lot of people in today’s jigsaw puzzle. Enjoy!

Great Horned Owl – Wednesday’s Feathery Jigsaw Puzzle

A few years back an owl took up residence in a tree right next to our yard. He was only there for a few months, but he was a beautiful creature. Today’s jigsaw puzzle reminds me of that owl. Of course, this one won’t keep you awake at night like that one did. Enjoy!

Home Made Pizza – Tuesday’s Dinnertime Jigsaw Puzzle

There’s nothing better than home made pizza and a scary movie on a stormy night. Well, almost home made. The tomatoes were home grown, but the flour for the crust and the pepperoni were store bought, as was the cheese. I don’t have a big enough yard to raise a gopher, much less a dairy […]

Monday’s Colorful Daily Jigsaw Puzzle – Flowers

Lily asked me for a jigsaw puzzle of some colorful flowers. Since she is a sweet lady, I thought she would like these. I’m sure you will to. Enjoy!

Fresh Cut Fruit And Vegetables – Sunday’s Healthy Jigsaw Puzzle

I haven’t done a jigsaw puzzle of fruit and veggies like this in a while, and as I was creating one of my fruit and veggie salads, I thought to myself, “Self, why not make some potato chips?” Sadly, I didn’t have any potatoes, so I thought about using fruit and vegetables for a jigsaw […]

Washer Women of Fouesnant

Saturday’s Artistic Jigsaw Puzzle Today’s jigsaw puzzle is a painting by William-Adolphe Bouguereau. I’ve featured some of his paintings before and received good response on them. Since it’s a different size than my usual puzzles, you may find it a bit more challenging. Enjoy!

Friday’s Weekend Kick-Starting Jigsaw Puzzle

Pickup Truck Under The Sunset Sometimes I drive out to the lake to throw a line in the water and watch the sunset. That’s why I chose this photograph for today’s jigsaw puzzle. It seemed like a relaxing way to kick-start the weekend. Enjoy!

Stingray – Thursday’s Hard To Drive Jigsaw Puzzle

I never owned a Corvette Stingray, I knew someone who did, and he let me drive it one time. It was FAST! Today’s jigsaw puzzle is a different kind of stingray. It lives in the ocean. Enjoy!

The Future Lion King – Wednesday’s Royal Jigsaw Puzzle

One of my daughter’s favorite movies is The Lion King. She was watching it the other day, so that sort of inspired me to pick out this photograph for today’s jigsaw puzzle. This lion may be young, but I’m still willing to move out of his way. Hey, share the picture with your Pinterest friends, […]

Tuesday’s Yummy Jigsaw Puzzle – A Fancy Lunch

Every once in a while, I get a fancy lunch. The last one was in 1996… Today’s was fish in sauce, rice and ‘chips,’ or what we call French fries. The soda would have been better with some ice in it, though. Still, it was a good meal. I hope you enjoy today’s jigsaw puzzle […]

Comfortable Chair In The Living Room – Monday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

I have a nice comfortable chair in my living room. It’s old, but still comfortable, just like the one in today’s jigsaw puzzle. What about you? Do you have a favorite old chair?

The Promenade in Netanya – Sunday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Netanay has many promenades and over eight miles of amazing beaches. It is a favorite tourist spot in Israel. I thought today’s jigsaw puzzle would make a nice change of pace from the ones I’ve done lately. Enjoy!

Pastel Waves – Saturday’s Rough Jigsaw Puzzle

Friday’s jigsaw puzzle was tough. Saturday’s is rough. Rebecca asked for a colorful jigsaw puzzle that wasn’t too easy. If this one isn’t on the tough side, I don’t know what is. Oh, there is an extreme version. It’s the same number of pieces as the tough version, except the pieces rotate. I’ll just say […]

Cold As Steel – Friday’s Tougher Jigsaw Puzzle

I received a request for a tougher jigsaw puzzle from a woman who calls herself “Lady Steel.” I had to ask about her nickname, and she said it was because of the color of her hair, and because she is a retired criminal court judge who worked as a prosecutor before that. “Yes ma’am!” I […]

Thursday’s Market Fresh Jigsaw Puzzles – Vegetables

(Happy birthday Lexie!) We have a couple of local farmer’s markets around here, and we like to go there once in a while to get some good bargains on some market fresh vegetables. I’ve never been much of a fan of eggplants, but my wife likes them. I prefer corn on the cob myself. What’s […]

Amazing Flowers – Wednesday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

The flowers in today’s jigsaw puzzle almost look like a painting. I thought they looked amazing. I’m not sure what kind they are, though. I think they may be in a fountain or artificial pond. Enjoy!

Fountain Of Water – Tuesday’s Wet Jigsaw Puzzle

I think I saw three coins in this fountain earlier today. They were a little wet. I haven’t figured out exactly why people throw coins in to fountains. Usually they wish for things like more money, not realizing they would have had more had they not thrown some away! Perhaps I will wish for more […]

Monday’s TV Bird Jigsaw Puzzle – Peacock

I think I saw this bird on TV once. He was advertising the TV station or something. In any case, he sure does have some fancy feathers. The subject makes today’s jigsaw puzzle a bit of a challenge. Enjoy!

Out on the Front Porch – Sunday’s Very Late Jigsaw Puzzle

Today’s jigsaw puzzle was posted very, very late. I apologize for that. The hard drive on the computer I use to make the puzzles on crashed yesterday and I had to replace it. That meant that, even though my hard drive came with a five year warranty, I had to go buy a new one […]

Lunch Time – Saturday’s Hungry Man Jigsaw Puzzle

Note: Due to a hard drive crash, Sunday’s jigsaw puzzle will be very late. That’s the bad news. The good news is that I have a backup of the drive, and will restore it after I go buy a new hard drive Sunday. I used to eat lunch at a little diner that this place […]

Friday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle – Tuscany Landscape

I’ve had several requests for a nice landscape, and the one in today’s jigsaw puzzle fits the bill just right. It’s a beautiful view, and tough enough to make it a nice challenge. This would be a good one for you to pin on Pinterest. Enjoy!

Thursday’s Legal Jigsaw Puzzle – Law Library

Can you imagine if the only library you could visit was a law library? Boring! Unless… you were looking for ideas for a crime TV show. Perhaps that is where shows like CSI come up with their ideas. How appropriate for a puzzle website – books about crime and laws.

Wednesday’s Bear Of A Jigsaw Puzzle – Two Bears

Since I’m doing mostly animals this week, I thought I would give you a nice puzzle of two bears: Mama bear and Baby bear. Sorry, but Papa bear is off getting Goldilocks stuffed and mounted for their den. Enjoy!

Two Horses – Tuesday’s Equestrian Jigsaw Puzzle

Today’s jigsaw puzzle is of two horses. I’m not sure they are what Bob had in mind when it came to his request. He wanted to play horses or something like that, and it involved a basketball. I figured this was the safest thing I could come up with to keep him busy until I […]

Gazania – Monday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Always willing to handle requests, Gwen asked for a nice flower jigsaw puzzle, and I am happy to oblige. This one is called a Gazania. It’s a pretty little flower. Enjoy!

Rope on a Hook – Sunday’s Jigsaw Puzzle

I had a request for something simple for a jigsaw puzzle, so for today I offer you a rope on a hook. That’s about as simple of a photograph as I could find. Enjoy!

Saturday’s Jigsaw Puzzle – Orchidee

OK, an Orchidee is a flower. Looks a lot like an Orchid. There is a difference, but I can’t remember what it is. I do remember enough to put it into a jigsaw puzzle, though.

There’s a Frog In My Throat – Friday’s Froggy Jigsaw Puzzle

Remember playing with frogs when you were a kid? There was a pond behind my father’s house where I would catch them by the dozens. (Yes, I would turn them loose.) This medium sized frog in today’s jigsaw puzzle stood still long enough to have his picture taken. That reminds me of an old, old […]

Spoiled Cat With It’s Own Beach Umbrella

Thursday’s Spoiled Cat Jigsaw Puzzle Some people just spoil their cats. I should know, I married one. Our cats, however, are only a little spoiled. They have to actually share a beach umbrella, unlike the cat in today’s jigsaw puzzle. Enjoy the puzzle while I go feed the cats.