Friday’s Jigsaw Puzzle

I need a nap. I had to get up early today to go sign some paperwork. I hate signing paperwork when I’m not awake.
Last time I did that, then took a nap, I woke up thinking to myself, “I joined the what?”
Next thing I knew, I was on a ship floating in the middle of the ocean. Took me sixteen years to get out of that canoe club.
At least I didn’t miss my stop while riding the bus or a train in some foreign country. It happened to a friend of mine in Japan. The conductor woke him up to tell him he was at the end of the line, and that the next train would be at 6:00 AM the next day. He ended up on the far side of Tokyo.
The Japanese seem to be able to nap on the trains and wake up when they get to their stop without any problems.

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