Monday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Well, it’s Monday. Time to get back to work. Gotta earn that paycheck so the taxaholics can get their unfair share, and build another $11.5 million dollar bus stop roof, or something else just as silly.
Many small towns live and die by these factories. When the business is good, the people are employed, and the town thrives.
When the business goes overseas, or out of business, the town suffers. It can become a ghost town.
The thing the big businesses don’t seem to understand is that these same small towns can give them the best possible work force – loyal, hard working, dedicated to the business. When you lose that, the business will never be as good, no matter what country you farm it out to.
My opinion is that there should be a balance between keeping many of the jobs here, and giving the people in these poor countries a chance too.
Here is a thought – build the components of the products overseas, and do the final assembly here. Everybody wins.
OK, I’ll get off my high horse and go back to the fun. It’s Jigsaw Puzzle time!

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