I want a pony! he said, bottom lip trembling slightly.
(Counting to myself) seven, eight, nine, ten.
I want a PONY! he repeated, his voice almost yelling.
Look, I replied, trying to control my temper. I told you we don’t have any place to keep a pony.
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Sniffling, he gave me a look that would melt rocks. Then I realized he was actually holding his breath.
Stop that before you pass out! I told him, waving my finger in his face.
I quickly pulled it back because he tried to bite it.
I give up. I said, turning to the woman standing behind me.
Marge, would you please tell your husband that he is too old for a pony! (Bob is on the downhill side of 50.)
Well, she replied. I want a pony too!
Dang it! Now her bottom lip is going too.
I have to find me some more mature friends, and soon. My place already looks like a zoo.
Sighing, I wondered where we were going to put yet another mouth to feed. I could see I wasn’t going to win this argument. Not with them ganging up on me.

What? You don’t have your 2009 Archives CD’s yet? How am I supposed to feed all these hungry mouths around here if you don’t buy one?