It’s President’s Day, a day where we celebrate the birthdays of several dead past presidents by going out and getting discounts on stuff we didn’t want to buy in the first place but bought anyway because we got such a good deal on it.
(Shameless plug – the 101 Kids CD is on sale at 25% off and the puzzles are suitable for kids of all ages. Go get one instead of that 12-in-one peanut grinder and coffee warmer, OK?)
Anyway, one thing to celebrate on Presidents day is that we can have a holiday where we are happy to celebrate the birthdays of past leaders because they did good things for the country. Heck, I try to keep some pictures of dead presidents in my wallet if I can.
Other countries don’t have it so good. Even with unemployment as high as it is, the average person in America lives a better life than 80% of the rest of the world.
If you are in another country, then you have it good too because you have access to the Internet and are reading this post now.
Think about it. The people in today’s puzzle barely have electricity. Most of them have never used or seen a computer.
It’s a street scene from Cuba.

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(Note to Sandy – the puzzle today is not to make you feel guilty, but to provoke a little thought while you enjoy the puzzle.)

Today’s Magic Number is 12