He’s a machine, I’m telling you!
Bob was getting a little excited.
Look! Just look at the x-rays. He’s got parts that aren’t… parts!
I bent over slightly to look at the film he was holding up to the light, and squinted at it attentively.
Bob, I said, I see where you are coming from, but you shouldn’t get too excited. He was built that way.
Slamming down the x-ray, Bob stormed over to the window and peered outside.
It’s just that they are trying to pass these… these things off as human!
Bob, I replied, I don’t think they are trying to fool anyone. After all he’s called “Robo-Cop” for a reason.
Sigh… I knew Bob was going to get into trouble when he went to that auction of bad movie memorabilia, especially when I asked him to try to get me a laser gun prop from “Lost in Space” for under five dollars.

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