Tuesday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle
Back in the 50’s, way before Al Gore invented the Internet, many kids would go down to the local malt shop and play songs on the jukebox. Back then songs were a dime, or three for a quarter.
They would dance strange dances called “The Twist,” “The Jitterbug”, and ones that I never heard of.
Most movies about the 50’s got a lot wrong, or so I’ve been told. (I’m old, but not quite that old…)
I’m wondering who’s great idea it was to wear a skirt made from a poodle? And why was everyone wearing Bobby’s socks? Didn’t he get mad at people stealing them from him?
Well, since we are spinning a record with Tuesday’s jigsaw puzzle, we might as well make the pieces spin around too.

Easy   Medium   Hard   Tough