I rode trains a lot when I was over seas. It’s the main form of transportation in many countries.
Our government is pushing for the development of high speed rail, which can be a good thing if it is done right.
Here are my suggestions to make it work:
1. Have train stations at airports. Yup, that’s right, airports. You can fly part way, then take the train the rest of the way to your destination.
2. Build rail cars to transport cars on. Think about this: they actually do this in some countries. You drive your car on to the rail car, get out and go to a passanger car where you can relax, stretch your legs, get a meal, etc.
When you arrive at your destination several hundred miles away, you simply drive your car off and go about your business. If you don’t have to worry about transportation on the other end, you are more likely to use high speed rail for long distance travel.
You don’t use as much gas, and you aren’t worn out when you get there. Plus, no having to make rest stops for your kids every half hour.
OK, back to the puzzles.

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