“It looks like a bunch of squiggly lines.”
“Zut alores!” the Frenchman exclaimed. “It is ART. If you were French, zen you would understand.”
“Oh.” I replied, sadly.
“Zis is a wonderful work of art. Can you not see the passion, the… The joy expressed in it?”
“Um, it looks like squiggly circles with confetti.” I said.
“Fool!” he exclaimed. “Can you not see that these ‘circles’ represent ‘cells?’”
“Is the confetti supposed to represent the prisoners?” I asked.
He replied with a long string of French words I can only assume had something to do with my parents and my lack of artistic understanding.
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“No, no, no!” he finally said. “Zese are ze sells of ze human body,” his accent getting thicker by the second. “Zit is a great work of ahrt!!!”
“Fine,” I replied. “How much for the ‘work of ahrt?’”
“For you,” he muttered while trying to figure out the size of my bank account, “Only one haundred Francs.” (Who still uses Francs???)
“I don’t have that much,” I protested, as I tried to back away towards the door.”
“Zen what do you have?” he responded while grabbing my arm and pulling me back into his shop.
“Two Euros and this bottle of wine I just bought,” I said, thinking of the dinner my wife was supposed to be cooking for us tonight.
“Vhat? Zat is an ensult!” he grunted. As I started backing towards the door again, he continued, “Fine. In ze interests of diplomatic relations, I vill take your bottle of vine and the two Euros, and you can take ze work of ahrt.”
Anxious to get out of there, and wondering why his accent was changing, I shoved the bottle of wine into his hands, and plunked down the two coins on the counter top.
He didn’t even bother to wrap it up, just pushed it my way as if dismissing me.
Taking the squiggly drawing with me and stepping outside of the shop, I wondered how I was going to pay for a cab back to the cottage we were renting, and what my wife would say when I didn’t show up with any wine.
And that’s the true story of how today’s jigsaw puzzle came about. Honest officer, I haven’t been drinking. The Frenchman took my wine.