Sunday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

I went for a walk in the woods earlier today, and ran across a little girl wearing a red colored cape with a hood on it.
Where are you going, I asked?
I’m off to see my grandmother, she replied.
Oh, I said.What do you have in your basket? I asked, guessing where this conversation was going.
I have some bread, some wine, and her pills and a new pair of support hose for her, she told me.
Uh… that’s…
I also have a Glock 26 with laser sight, 33 round clip and a polymer adjustable rear sight just in case that wolf comes around again.
Yeah.. I stammered while slowly backing away. I think I hear your grandmother calling. You better hurry!
That’s the last time I go for a walk in those woods, especially after eating the mushrooms Bob put on the pizza at lunch today.
The puzzle is as much of a surprise as that little girl was. Watch out for the wolf.

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