Down home on the farm, it was time to go out to the barnyard and feed the chickens and the geese. I jumped over the fence rather than walk around to the gate, and realized my mistake when I heard the squishy sound as I landed.
As my pappy said, “Being lazy can sometimes create more work than it saves.”
I never understood what that meant, but I do know I’ll have to spend some extra time cleaning my work boots before I’m allowed back into the house.
We didn’t exactly have tons of wood, so we built the barn and other buildings out of rock. We would have used stones, but we were so dirt poor we couldn’t afford stones.
(In case you didn’t know it, a stone is just a higher class rock.)
I always wondered about that saying, “dirt poor.” Seems us poor folks seem to have a bit more dirt about them than those high class rich folk.
Anyway, I got more chores to do before breakfast. We’re having bacon, eggs and grits, my favorite.

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