Friday’s jigsaw Puzzle
It was a lazy summer afternoon in Venice. The weather was nice, the people were friendly, and we were enjoying the beauty of this ancient and artistic city. We were taking a water taxi across the Canal Grande on our way to a local restaurant (gondolas are expensive,) when suddenly a speeding boat flew by with a man shooting a gun…
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at the boat following close behind it. We were in the middle of a boat chase scene for a movie being shot there. The second boat had several people operating movie cameras, and a man yelling out instructions through a megaphone while the front boat weaved back and forth.
It was over in about ten seconds. Our driver quipped that they shoot a lot of films in Venice, and what we had witnessed wasn’t that unusual. He had no idea what the film was that was being shot, but that part of an Indiana Jones movie had been shot there and he had been an extra in it.
I guess that was a different kind of excitement from what we were looking for. Oh, the food was great at the restaurant.