Sorry I’m a little late posting Tuesday’s puzzle. We had some excitement around here.
Three tornadoes touched down in our area Sunday night. Today’s jigsaw puzzle is of some of the damage over at my father’s house.
The car belongs to a friend of their granddaughter’s, and the car probably prevented the tree from going through the roof of the house.
There was some damage, but they came through OK, all things considered.
The roof of the house was damaged enough that it had to be covered with tarps, multiple trees were uprooted, several cars damaged, and the basement flooded out because the sump pumps weren’t working because the electricity was out.
About 30 mobile homes in the area were totaled, but only minor injuries were reported.
I live about five miles away, and we had a few branches come down but that was about it for us. All in all, everyone was lucky.

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