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Sports Jigsaw Puzzles
Here is the third page of sports jigsaw puzzles. With the warm weather, I've broken out my bicycle, and am ready to get into the swing of things.
I hope, after playing these puzzles, you will go outside and play for a while, and enjoy the weather.
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I've been playing my 22 year old son and beating him at tennis lately. Me, an old guy only a few years from collecting social security.
It's a bit embarrassing for him, especially since we've been playing tennis on his Wii.
Still, I do get some exercise with it.
54 Pieces   96 Pieces   150 Pieces   204 Pieces
Water Polo
OK, I won't do the lame joke about my horse drowning the first time I played...
It did develop my swimming skills when I was younger. I was quite good. Now, however, three laps around the bathtub wears me out.
54 Pieces   96 Pieces   150 Pieces   216 Pieces
Whitewater Rafting
This is a sport for those who's marbles roll slightly off center, if you know what I mean.
I mean, who voluntarily jumps in an out of control rubber dingy to have their heads banged off of rocks hidden under foamy waves?
60 Pieces   112 Pieces   160 Pieces   240 Pieces
I mentioned beating my son at tennis earlier. I didn't tell him I played in college, or that I was quite good at it back then. I was better, however, at Racquetball. I'd like to see that game on the Wii.
60 Rotating Pieces   104 Rotating Pieces
160 Rotating Pieces   209 Rotating Pieces
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