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Sports Jigsaw Puzzles

I am happy to bring you even more sports related jigsaw puzzles.
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This would be a gimme in golf, or it might not be, depending on who you were. If this was your boss's ball, it's a gimme. If it's yours, it's not.
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I've never tried kayaking, and to be honest, I think it's because I'm afraid of where your legs are supposed to go. Do they hang out the bottom into the water so the kayak fits like a weird tutu? Are you scrunched up on your knees like when you are digging in the garden? Or are they pointed forwards like when you have to reach and touch your toes in gym class? I don't think I can force my legs to go that way.
I think I'll stick with a canoe.
54 Pieces   96 Pieces   150 Pieces   216 Pieces
Miniature Golf
I played miniature golf when I was young. It became an obsession with me. That darn windmill wouldn't let my ball go through.
And that stupid clown head! Laughing at me! You don't do that to a kid! No wonder I hate clowns.
I still play it, on the computer from time to time. And I still hate that clown head!
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Pool Balls
The first time someone asked me if I wanted to shoot some pool, I had to ask, "Wouldn't that let all the water out?"
No, they didn't find it funny either.
I prefer bumper pool, anyway. The bets are usually only a dime, so I don't lose nearly as much.
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