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Welcome to the Fine Art Jigsaw Puzzles section. Here you will find puzzles made from some very famous paintings, along with a little bit of history about each one. I hope you find these puzzles both fun and educational as well.
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The Annuunciation by Fra Angelico
80 Pieces   120 Pieces   180 Pieces
Fra Angelico was born 'Guido di Pietro' in 1395. He was also a Dominican friar. The Annuunciation was the revelation to Mary, the mother of Jesus by the angel Gabriel that she would conceive a child to be born the Son of God. Many other artists painted their version of this event.
Dining Room in the Country by Pierre Bonnard
60 Pieces   99 Pieces   154 Pieces  
From Wikipedia: "Pierre Bonnard (3 October 1867 - 23 January 1947) was a French painter and printmaker, a founding member of Les Nabis."
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