Wednesday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Little Black Puppy

My wife saw this picture, and went “Awwwwww! So cute!”
That’s how we ended up with a house full of varmints.
Last count, we had one 1/2 cats (shared custody with a neighbor,) two rabbits, one bird, one snake, 6 rats, and a bunch of mice – over 60, (food for the snake.)
We had more, but some just don’t last that long.
We almost had some other pets, but managed to squeek out of them.
Yes, I have to help feed these animals. It costs a fortune to feed them.
Could be worse, though. The mice could turn into horses, like in the fairy tale…
Oh, since this puppy likes to leave surprises behind, I made the puzzle a surprise, too.
Hey, have your pet fixed, even if it isn’t broken.

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