Wednesday’s Insanely Tough Jigsaw Puzzle

First, a note about the site being down.
We’re still investigating, but what it looks like is a two-fold issue.
First is that it went down right after my host did some server patching.
Second is my raw logs show at least one user using a bot to mass-download all the puzzles at once which caused my bandwidth and cpu usage to go through the roof so my hosting service shut down the site for a while.
It may happen again as these people continue to download everything.
I’m working with my host to indentify who and block their IP address.
Now on to today’s puzzle!

I know some of you are going to hate today’s jigsaw puzzle, but I’ve had a lot of requests for a really, really tough one.
This is it.
Now, if you look at the picture before you start, you can see that this actually looks like a corner of a room, or the inside of a rounded cube.
Look at the directions of the lines. That should help a bit.
Hey, at least I didn’t make the pieces rotate!
Enjoy and be sure to share!

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