I ran into Bob the other day. He was a little sad.
I asked him what was wrong.
Oh, nothing… he replied.
Come on, Bob. You can tell me anything, I said.
Well, Billie Sue (His girlfriend/cousin) took me to see this girl movie about a magical mailbox at the two dollar cinama.
It was really sad, he sniffed.
Bob, I asked. Did you cry?
He slowly nodded his head while staring into his Orange Crush.
Bob, you just cry at about anything, I said, teasingly.
Well, he replied. Your puzzles used to make me cry sometimes. The pictures were that purdy.
But he continued, you haven’t had a picture that made me cry in a long time. Do me a puzzle that can make me cry, he begged.
Man, this guy really likes to torment himself, I thought to myself.
So Bob, here is a picture that will make you cry. You just have to peel it.

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