Flowers – Saturday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

I had a request for some flowers for a jigsaw puzzle, so here they are! Don’t forget to get some flowers for the upcoming Valentine’s Day! Enjoy!  

Shoes – Something Different

Friday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle Christie asked me for something different for a jigsaw puzzle, and this one is as different as they come. Oh, the puzzle is taller than it is wide, for a change. Enjoy!  

Beautiful Butterfly – Thursday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

A lot of folks liked the butterfly from back in December, and I had several requests for more like it. This one just sort of flew into my view, and I thought I would share it with you. Enjoy and please pin this one on Pinterest!  

Wild Horses – Wednesday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Today’s jigsaw puzzle is for my friend Andrea. Of course, everyone else is welcome to play them as well. There’s also a tougher borderless version now on my Facebook page. Be sure to give me a “Like” while you’re there! Enjoy and please share with your friends!  

Welcome To The Bar

Tuesday’s Nightcap Jigsaw Puzzle I found this picture of a bar to be interesting. that’s why I chose it. Enjoy, and next round’s on me!  

The Staircase – Monday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Today’s jigsaw puzzle features a nice staircase. I wonder where it goes? Enjoy!  

Let’s Have A Party!

Sunday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle Got something to celebrate? I do! It’s called “Let’s celebrate a party by having a party” party! That always sounds good to me. How about you? Enjoy today’s jigsaw puzzle, and please share!  

Paperclips – Saturday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Strangely enough, I ran out of paperclips at work today. I had one of those magnetic holders with the hole in the middle, and sure enough, it was empty! Usually you end up with hundreds of the things, but not me! I found them though. They’re in today’s jigsaw puzzle! Enjoy!  

Guatemala Painter – Friday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

The gentleman in today’s jigsaw puzzle appears to be very artistic. I’m guessing he’s the artist, and not just a salesman. Then again, I don’t know much about art. Puzzle on, friends!  

Salad – Thursday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

I’ve been eating a lot of salads this past week. I’ve decided to try to shed a few pounds. It was going really well until today when someone brought in a box of Duck Donuts. I had one. It was great! No, they aren’t shaped like ducks, nor do they taste like ducks. That’s just […]

The Grand Entrance

Wednesday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle Bob said he always thought a grand entrance was when he walked into the police station without getting arrested. I think they ought to award him bonus miles for all the trips he made. By now, he would have enough to go to another country several times over. No, Bob […]

The Elephant In The Room

Tuesday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle There’s an elephant in the room! No, not the one in today’s jigsaw puzzle. The one in my room! Seriously. My daughter dragged out an old broken toy elephant and left it for me to fix. Of course, torn fabric and missing button eyeball is more my wife’s specialty. I […]

Numbers Game – Monday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

It’s a numbers game. Really! Today’s jigsaw puzzle is all numbers! I just wanted to make sure things count around here is all. Enjoy and please share!  

Sunday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle – London

London is one of the few places I want to go that I haven’t been. My youngest daughter has been there, though. Big Ben in today’s jigsaw puzzle was requested by Kate in Colorado. Here you go! Oh, final reminder for writers who live in North Carolina near High Point: On Sunday, January 21st, the […]

Strange Tile – Saturday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

I almost posted Friday’s jigsaw puzzle as being Thursday. My calendar is a bit out of whack since I’ve been out from work for two days because of the weather. I have it figured out now. OK, today’s jigsaw puzzle is a strange looking tile. It should make for an interesting challenge. Public Service Announcement: […]

Friday’s Post: A Real Post

Someone asked me when I was going to do a post. Challenge accepted and accomplished! Yep, here’s a really good post too, if I say so myself! Enjoy and please share!  

The River – Thursday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Somewhere in this picture is a river. In fact, this is a good example of what a million-year old river can do. Watch out for that first step! It’s a doozie! Enjoy the jigsaw puzzle!  

Celebration! We’re Back – Again!

I hope to have things fixed again. The issue was someone using a ‘bot to try to download all 3500+ jigsaw puzzles in all sizes and versions at one time. This sent my bandwidth and my CPU time through the roof causing my web host to shut down the site to preserve the other people’s […]

The Old Mill

Tuesday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle Well, something messed up the site again. Partially it was someone trying to download everything at once, and partially it was changes at my hosting service. Maybe it’s fixed, maybe not. If you can see this, then fantastic! If not, then I may have to move the site to a new […]

Guaranteed To Drive You Buggy!

Monday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle Paul challenged me to create a really tough jigsaw puzzle, something that might drive him buggy trying to solve. Mission accomplished! Oh, I threw in an extra tough version, just because. Enjoy and bug your friends with this one, OK? Thank you!