I was browsing my collection of pictures for jigsaw puzzles, when I said out loud, “art supplies.”
Bob (who was over drinking my beer, of course) said “What?”
I repeated, “art supplies.”
“I said, ‘art supplies!'”
“What do you mean, ‘what?'” I asked.
“What does Art supply?”
Oh, no! I was not going to get sucked into another stupid game of “Who’s on first?” with Bob.
“The beer you’re drinking,” I replied, hoping that was the end of it.
“Well,” Bob mused. “Perhaps you can tell him to stop supplying the cheap stuff and get something decent to drink.”
I’m beginning to see why Bob’s wife keeps sending him over to our house all the time.
Here’s today’s jigsaw puzzle. Please share it like it’s cheap beer, OK?

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