Clock – Thursday’s End Of The Year Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

It’s the last day of 2015, and to celebrate I said to myself, “what would be more appropriate than a jigsaw puzzle of a clock?” The lady standing in the checkout line ahead of me looked at me kind of funny. I just looked back, then said “Talk to you later,” and tapped my phone […]

Abstract Flowers – Wednesday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

The puzzles for today are all about some abstract flowers. They are rather colorful, but also have the advantage of lasting much longer than regular flowers, plus you don’t have to worry about thorns. Enjoy!

Tuesday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle – Old Bar

The bar in today’s jigsaw puzzle looks a little… Old. I imagine it’s been around for a while. Enjoy!

Quiet Bridge – Monday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

I need some quiet time after the weekend I had. A bridge in a park like the one in today’s jigsaw puzzle is a good example of such a place. Of course, you need to go when it’s not tourist season, otherwise there will be dozens of other people standing on the bridge taking selfies […]

Monks in Thailand – Sunday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

I saw some monks dressed like this on one of my trips to Thailand years ago. It was an interesting sight. I thought the repetition would make this a more challenging jigsaw puzzle, and I think it succeeds. Enjoy!

Tiger Eyes – Saturday’s Wildlife Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

I like the eyes of the tiger in today’s jigsaw puzzle. Overall, it’s a great picture, too! Enjoy!

Twice The Puzzles and Twice The Fun!

Friday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzles For those that celebrate the holidays, I wish you and your families peace and happiness. Today I’m giving you two jigsaw puzzles instead of one. Both reflect the time of year. One is of some gifts all nicely wrapped up, and the other is an abstract of some trees. Enjoy!

Old Camera – Thursday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Sometimes I like to dig through the attic just to see what I can find. I found a really, really old camera! No, not the one in today’s jigsaw puzzle. The one I found recorded pictures onto small CD’s. It was a whopping 2.3 Megapixels! Well, my cell phone is 8 Megapixels, and it’s an […]

Healthy Cartoon Children

Wednesday’s Educational Daily Jigsaw Puzzle It took me a few minutes to figure out that the picture in today’s jigsaw puzzle is somewhat educational. The kids in it are all doing something good, such as brushing their teeth, drinking milk, eating healthy food, or even carrying books to read. The really good part is that […]

Tuesday’s Docked Daily Jigsaw Puzzle – Fishing Boats

I felt like hitting the water today, so I found me some fishing boats. Now if I can only remember where I left the bait! Enjoy today’s jigsaw puzzle!

Norwegian Forest Cat – Monday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Did you ever hear the one about cat’s can’t naturally crave beef because the cow is too big for it to bring down in the wild? I think the Norwegian Forest Cat could. These cats are big! I want one! Enjoy today’s jigsaw puzzle! Meow!

New Orleans – Sunday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

I’ve never been to New Orleans, but I think I may try to go in 2016. I hear it’s a fantastic place. Today’s jigsaw puzzle is a balcony in New Orleans. Notice the two masks? Yep, it’s a party! Enjoy!

Playing Horse – Saturday’s Fun Time Jigsaw Puzzle

I liked playing horse when I was younger. The basketball game, that is. Come to think of it, I liked playing horse when my kids were young, too! The horse in today’s jigsaw puzzle seems to be enjoying itself as it runs. Enjoy it too!

Circular Walkway – Friday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

One of the amusement parks I went to a long time ago had a walkway sort of like the one in today’s jigsaw puzzle. Heck, it might even have been this one! You walk around and around to get to the top or the bottom so you can cross another walkway high up both for […]

The Artist – Thursday’s Landscape Mode Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

The artist in today’s jigsaw puzzle is drawing a portrait of the young lady, but I have to wonder if he’s doing it in landscape mode? That’s a strange thought. Enjoy and please share!

Painted Flowers And Butterflies

Wednesday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle I picked out the picture in today’s jigsaw puzzle because it was pretty. Yep, I liked the flowers and butterflies, and hope you do too! Enjoy!

Return To China – Tuesday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

I visited China a number of times when I was younger. I would like to go there again some day when I have more time to play tourist. Politics aside, it’s a beautiful country with lots of history. Today’s jigsaw puzzle is a street scene from Hunan, China. Hunan also has walkways built into the […]

Gorilla Portrait – Monday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

The gorilla in today’s jigsaw puzzle looks like he posed for this portrait, almost as if he were a professional magazine model. Enjoy!

Boats – Sunday’s Sunny Day Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

The weather has been so good lately I think I should spend some time out on my boat. The thing is, I can’t remember where I parked it! I know, I’ll send up a drone to look for it. Actually, I’m kidding. I don’t have a boat and I don’t have a drone. What I […]

Cabbage – Saturday’s Stir Fried Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

I like stir-fried vegetables, and cabbage is one of the main ingredients. This one was particularly colorful and looks tasty! Now, where did I put the onions and the shrimp? Enjoy and share a dish with your friends!

Vintage Photograph – Friday’s Old Time Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

I found (and enhanced slightly) this old vintage photograph to use in today’s jigsaw puzzle. I had fun with it, and I hope you do too! Enjoy!

Time Enough For Fun – Thursday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Tick tock! It’s time for some fun, and today’s jigsaw puzzle is not only fun, but you can time yourself to see how long it takes you to do the puzzle! Of course you will need to allow yourself some extra time for this one. Enjoy and please take a few minutes to share the […]

Candles In The Wind – Wednesday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Today’s jigsaw puzzle is one of those that it was hard to pick out a background color for, simply because they all clashed somehow. I chose an off red, even though there is some red in the puzzle. It’s mostly green, so I stayed away from all greens. Of course, it’s also a bit on […]

Abstract Graffiti – Tuesday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

I picked out something a little bit different for today’s jigsaw puzzle. It’s a bit of street art, otherwise known as graffiti. It’s also a bit abstract. I’m always amazed by the talent some of these street artists have, and I think you’ll enjoy this one. I also think I’ve used the word “bit” a […]

Blue Sky – Monday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

All things considered, I’d rather be out somewhere like this enjoying a nice summer day. Well, I can dream, can’t I? Enjoy and please share today’s jigsaw puzzle!

“It’s Time For Your Closeup, Mr. Fruits”

Sunday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle I found this closeup photograph of some different kinds of fruit for today’s jigsaw puzzle. There are apples and oranges and at least one pear. I think… Anyway, I’m sure the photographer ate his subjects after he was done photographing them. Enjoy and please share! (Click to see more jigsaw […]

A Really Strange Jigsaw Puzzle for Saturday

Well, Saturday’s jigsaw puzzle is a strange one. I’m not really sure what to think about the picture in this one, but I do like it. I think… Enjoy!

Friday’s Super Surprise Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle – Globular

Today’s jigsaw puzzle is a surprise, meaning you don’t get a preview of the puzzle. Heck, I don’t even know what it is! Well, that’s not true. Let’s just say it’s really different from my usual fare. The only hint you get is “Globular.” Enjoy!

Fenced In – Thursday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

I liked the colors of the fence in today’s jigsaw puzzle and thought you might too. Enjoy and please share!

Victorian House – Wednesday’s Grand Old Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

I like old style Victorian houses. They always seem to have lots of little hiding places in them. When I was a kid and we were on a vacation trip, we stopped at a relative’s house (no, I don’t remember which one. I was six.) They lived in an old three-story Victorian house. The top […]