Colorful Clothespins – Monday’s Laundry Day Jigsaw Puzzle

Well, it’s not laundry day. Yet. I did end up with a ton of laundry pins in a big heap when my cat decided they would be fun toys to play with and knocked the bucket on the floor. At least you get to enjoy a nice jigsaw puzzle of them while I attempt to […]

Sunday’s Abstract Fish Daily Jigsaw Puzzles

Something smells fishy about today’s jigsaw puzzles, but I’m not sure what. Perhaps if someone throws me a line I might catch it. I think I’m just floundering around here. Yeah, as far as puzzles go, this one is a whopper. Enjoy and please share!

Vietnam Silk Print – Saturday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Today’s jigsaw puzzle is a silk print from Vietnam. I liked it, and my daughter-in-law is from Vietnam, so here it is! Enjoy!

Friday’s “Life Was Different Back Then” Free Jigsaw Puzzle

Fine Art Today’s jigsaw puzzle helps show that life was a bit different back then. It features a fine art painting of some people outdoors enjoying the nice weather. Of course, back then they also found ways to amuse themselves that are different than today, which brings up a relatively new holiday: Race Your Computer […]

Landscape – Thursday’s Remote Area Jigsaw Puzzle

The small town in today’s jigsaw puzzle looks a bit remote. I’m guessing it’s somewhere up north in a mountainous area. Enjoy!

Coat of Many Colors of Paint

Wednesday’s Colorful Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle It looks like someone is getting ready to start putting some paint on something. From the looks, I imagine that there’s a group of artists working on a mural on the side of a building somewhere, I hope they are painting something nice, like a jigsaw puzzle! Enjoy!

Abstract Peacock – Tuesday’s Strange Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

I found the picture in today’s jigsaw puzzle to be somewhat strange. It’s an abstract of a peacock. Enjoy and please share!!

Beautiful Steps – Monday’s Good Exercise Jigsaw Puzzle

I’ve been avoiding using the elevator since I got my fitness tracker. When I saw the stairs in today’s jigsaw puzzle, I was thinking how good it was they only go downhill! Someone younger can make the return trip for me. Enjoy!

Squirrely Squirrel – Sunday’s Outdoors Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

I can tell by the glint in his eye that he’s not quite all there. Yep, he’s nuts all right. Be careful! I think he’s the one that’s been throwing walnuts at my car all week. I’ve been finding them all over the pavement. Of course, when you are a squirrel, it helps to be […]

Old Time Room – Saturday’s Rustic Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

The room in today’s jigsaw puzzle has a bit of an old-time look to it. You can almost feel the fire in the fireplace and hear the cuckoo clock, and smell the candles they used for light at night. Well, enough about where I grew up. Enjoy the puzzle while there’s still enough daylight to […]

The Artist – Friday’s Free Fine Art Jigsaw Puzzle

“Please let me paint your picture!” I found this picture of some old art, and the fact it was of an artist was sort of intriguing, so I picked it for today’s jigsaw puzzle. I’m not sure who the artist is, or when it was painted, or even it’s name. Enjoy!

Tick Tock! The Mouse Ran Up The Clock

Thursday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle Today’s jigsaw puzzle reminds me of one I saw in a museum somewhere years ago. It was quite elaborate, and every hour people would gather around to watch it. I remember it had over 20,000 pieces in it, and took over a decade to build. Tick tock! Enjoy!

Lily – Wednesday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Nice Flowers Make Me Sneeze Jigsaw puzzles of flowers are the most downloaded kinds of puzzles I have, and the most requested. I like flowers, but the pollen doesn’t like me! At least the puzzle won’t make me sneeze too much. Enjoy!

Cadets – Tuesday’s Military Style Jigsaw Puzzle

Attention! Forward, March! While I was never a cadet, I did have to learn how to march in boot camp all those years ago. Believe me, it’s harder than it looks! Of course, they aren’t marching at the moment, but they are in formation. See if you can get all the pieces into their correct […]

Little Bird – Monday’s Chirpy Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

There’s a bird that has taken up residence in the tree behind my bedroom, and it really doesn’t like the idea of me sleeping in on weekends. I’m actually starting to look forward to winter when I know it’s going to fly south. I hope! Enjoy today’s jigsaw puzzle!

Abstract Art – Sunday’s “What Is It?” Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Try as I might, I can’t figure out what the abstract picture in today’s jigsaw puzzle is supposed to be. I mean, I think I see the face of a horse, but then again it could be a toaster. I’m just not sure. The only thing I’m sure of is that it is a tough […]

Howling At The Moon – Saturday’s Free Wolf Jigsaw Puzzle

If you do today’s tough jigsaw puzzle, you may find yourself howling at the moon. Seriously, though, it isn’t often I find some artwork this good to use as a jigsaw puzzle. I hope you have as much fun playing it as I did. Enjoy!

Variety of Fruit – Friday’s Free Jigsaw Puzzle

You should always have a good variety of fresh fruit in your diet, and in your jigsaw puzzles too! I hope today’s jigsaw puzzle fills that bill. Enjoy!

Tea For Two – Or Twenty: Thursday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Fancy a spot of tea? I heard that in a movie the other day, so even though I don’t drink tea I thought I could at least do a jigsaw puzzle featuring a cup of tea. Or in this case, a lot of cups of tea. One lump or two? Enjoy!

Young Girl With Umbrella – Wednesday’s Free Jigsaw Puzzle

The photograph in today’s jigsaw puzzle reminds me of paintings from a while back. That was probably what the photographer was going for. Sort of a Norman Rockwell type thing, but then again not quite. Enjoy!

“I Don’t Think We’re In Hogwarts Anymore, Toto!”

Tuesday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle When Bob saw the picture for today’s jigsaw puzzle, he wanted to know if it was from Hogwarts. (I want to point out that Bob once broke his nose running at a brick wall down at the local Amtrak station…) No, it’s not Hogwarts, but by the time you play […]

Florida State University – Monday’s Big Audience Jigsaw Puzzle

The Ruby Diamond Performance Hall at Florida State University is huge and features 500 free concerts a year. How big is it? It holds over 1200 concert-goers at one time, and underwent a transformative $38 million dollar renovation. Kind of makes me wish I could take a one-hour per semester course there just to get […]

Victorian Living Room – Sunday’s Old Style Jigsaw Puzzle

This picture of a Victorian living room brought back some memories. No, I’m not that old, I just remember much older relatives with living rooms like this one. My kids probably think I’m that old, but I’m not. Enjoy and don’t forget to share!

Woman Rowing – Saturday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Today’s jigsaw puzzle is a bit dark in coloration around the edges, but I really liked the image of a woman rowing a small boat down a river in the jungle. The picture itself was well shot, and I love that it shows what could very be a part of her daily life. Enjoy!

Vegetables – Friday’s Organic Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

I would like to say that organic food is expensive! I stopped at a store that carries a lot of organic food, and spent fifty bucks very fast! Well, it is supposed to be better for you. Guess I’ll see if I don’t go broke first. Enjoy today’s jigsaw puzzle!

Watermelon – Thursday’s Summertime Treat Jigsaw Puzzle

One of my favorite things to eat in the summer is watermelon. To be honest, I don’t eat it that often because I never seem to get to the store to pick one up when I’m headed home, and I also prefer the seedless ones. Still, there is always watermelon flavored candy! Enjoy!

Grid – Wednesday’s “What Was He Thinking” Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

To be honest, other than wanting to create a tough jigsaw puzzle, I’m not sure what was going through my mind when I made this one. In fact, the beginner version gave me fits so I’m a tad bit under qualified to do the tough version. Tomorrow, sanity returns! Enjoy!

Frogs – Tuesday’s Sub-Par Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Today’s jigsaw puzzle features a whole lot of stuffed frog toys. I think the subject matter is great, but I do have to admit now that I turned it into a puzzle, the quality of the picture isn’t up to my usual standards. I guess I can’t hit a home run every time, but when […]

Lettuce, Tomatoes and More – Monday’s Free Jigsaw Puzzle

I bought a fitness tracker this weekend, and I’m still learning how to operate it. I mean, so far it has only left the couch once, and I think one of the cats moved it. I guess I’ll have to put it on and go somewhere for it to work. I wonder if they allow […]

Puzzle Puzzles – Sunday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Today’s jigsaw puzzle features puzzles. Yep, although these puzzles are variations on Rubik’s cube. I never knew there were so many kinds of these things. Heck, I’m still trying to solve the original one. Enjoy!