Bread Isn’t Just A Band – Friday’s Free Jigsaw Puzzle

How many of you remember the band “Bread?” OK, how many of you have eaten bread today? How many of you have some bread in your wallet? Aren’t you worried about it going stale in there? Anyway, since its the last day of the month I added in a “You have to be nuts!” version […]

Girl With Hat – Thursday’s Free Jigsaw Puzzle

I found this picture of a young girl with a hat to be a pretty good shot, so I decided to share it with you in a jigsaw puzzle. I think you will find it a nice one. Enjoy!

Flowers, Butterflies and Hummingbirds

Wednesday’s Slightly Different Jigsaw Puzzle Today’s jigsaw puzzle is a wide-screen format, and features some nice flowers, butterflies, and hummingbirds. The tough version has a lot of pieces, as well. Enjoy and please share!

Birthday Party – Tuesday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

I’ve suddenly realized that I’m getting old… er… older! I guess it beats the alternative, though. Anyway, this puzzle reminds me of when I was a kid. Enjoy!

Good Clean Fun – Monday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

It’s always nice to have some good clean fun, and while today’s jigsaw puzzle looks rather tasty, I recommend you don’t eat any of the pieces. This is actually soap, and it’s pretty realistic, too! Enjoy! P.S. – if you look at the right side of the page, you can see the latest posts to […]

Sweets – Sunday’s Yummy Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

If you have a bit of a sweet tooth, then today’s jigsaw puzzle is the one for you. I’m not sure what those rolled up things in the middle of the marshmallows are, but I’m sure they are good. Enjoy!

Glass Starfish – Saturday’s Transparent Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

The thing about glass starfish is they can’t lie very well. You can see right through them. I know, it makes no sense, but then again these don’t make very good throwing stars. Enjoy today’s jigsaw puzzle!

Colorful Flowers – Friday’s Free Jigsaw Puzzle

Today’s still (and always will be) free jigsaw puzzles are a nice arrangement of colorful flowers. Now, flowers are fun to begin with and make people happy, but I wanted you to also work your brain, so the pieces have straight lines and no curves. They aren’t perfect squares, but still it should be a […]

Horse and a Fence – Thursday’s Outdoor Jigsaw Puzzle

Behind this fence is a nice horse. It’s the great outdoors at its finest. The fence and the wall it is built into looks hand made, and probably was. Now that’s a jigsaw puzzle in itself! Enjoy!

How ’bout Them Apples? – Wednesday’s Free Jigsaw Puzzles

Today’s jigsaw puzzle is all about apples, and lots of them. Green ones, red ones, and I’m not really sure what the other color is supposed to be. I’ll take a green one, please! Enjoy and please share!

Everybody Loves A Parade

Tuesday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle Kids especially love parades, and while I have no idea who or what these girls are supposed to be, I’m sure it is still good fun for the kids. On second thought, they kind of look like they could be cheerleaders for the Power Rangers. Anyway, here’s today’s jigsaw puzzle. Enjoy!

The Eyes Have It – Monday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Ya gotta help me doc! I think I’m going crazy! Why do you say that? I feel like someone’s always looking at me. I can just feel their eyes, staring at me. Now now, I’m sure it’s just your imagination. We can help you get over that feeling. We? What do you mean… Wait a […]

Tough Repeating Flowers – Sunday’s Free Jigsaw Puzzle

No doubt about it, today’s jigsaw puzzle is a bit tougher than usual. It’s a series of repeating flowers, so you have to pay attention to the picture more as well as the shapes. This picture was suggested by Ava. Enjoy!

Narrative – Saturday’s Imaginative Free Jigsaw Puzzle

Imagination helps us, well, imagine things. As you can see from the line above, my imagination is currently on vacation, but I think the picture in today’s jigsaw puzzle offsets that a little. What can you imagine? Enjoy!

Still Life – Friday’s Hard Time Typing Jigsaw Puzzle

I’m having a hard time typing tonight. I cut my thumb on a sharp edge pretty good earlier today. That said, today’s jigsaw puzzle is of a traditional still life. Injure!

Big Castle – Thursday’s Non-Pink Free Jigsaw Puzzle

Today’s jigsaw puzzle isn’t pink. Nope. I mention this because of the comments I had (all good, by the way) about yesterday’s mystery jigsaw puzzle. If you haven’t played it yet, I will only say that it had the color pink in it. Going the opposite direction for today, I bring you a nice castle […]

Wednesday’s Vivid Mystery Free Jigsaw Puzzle

Today’s free puzzle is a mystery. I won’t give you any hints, but I will tell you the tough version is exactly two hundred more pieces than the beginner version. I know, that doesn’t help any. Still, I think you will enjoy it. Enjoy!

Paint Can Riot

Tuesday’s Free Jigsaw Puzzle I had to do a bit of painting this weekend and things sort of got out of hand. The good news is that it gave me a great idea for today’s jigsaw puzzles. Enjoy!

Terrier – Monday’s Get Along Little Doggie Jigsaw Puzzle

Today’s jigsaw puzzle is a nice watercolor of a terrier puppy. At least I think it’s a watercolor, and a terrier, and a puppy. Oh, heck. It’s a picture of a dog. Enjoy!

Hungry Baby Birds – Sunday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

When I found the picture of these baby birds, I had to use it for today’s jigsaw puzzle. We have a bird nest in a tree outside our bedroom window, and the babies start chirping about an hour before I have to get up. I can’t wait for them to leave the nest! Enjoy!

Pizza Night – Saturday’s Delicious Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

We have a pizza night once a week, usually on Sundays, but occasionally on Saturdays too. It’s sort of a family tradition. Do you have traditional family meals too? Enjoy!

Bridge On Belle Isle – Friday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

The picture in today’s jigsaw puzzle looks like a nice place to spend the weekend, but it’s a little too far for me to travel right now. At least there are some nice places nearby, as long as I go early enough in the day to beat the heat. Enjoy!

Soft Pillows, Stuffed Toy – Thursday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

In today’s jigsaw puzzle there is a soft stuffed toy, and soft pillows that tend to leave lines on your face while you sleep. I never understood why people embroidered pillows because it made it hard to sleep on them. Then again, maybe it’s just me. It could be worse. They could be made of […]

The Ride – Wednesday’s Amusing Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

I have mixed emotions about today’s jigsaw puzzle. I’ve spent hours on one of these things, and other than feeling dizzy afterwards I just don’t seem to go anywhere. I will say that some have their ups and downs, but then again I’m getting a little too big to ride one of the horses. Enjoy!

Stuffed Toys – Tuesday’s Too Full Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Somehow when I was younger I thought that stuffed toys were ones that had eaten too much. That made me worry that my toy dinosaur would come to life in the middle of the night and eat me, so I put it under my big brother’s bed. Yeah, kids get all kinds of silly ideas. […]

Fabric – Monday’s Textiles Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Today’s jigsaw puzzle is a rack full of different colors of what I at first thought was fabric, but on second look it seems more like rolls of foam rubber. There may be some fabric mixed in with it, but I’m not sure. It was hard to come up with a background color to work […]

Pretty Flowers – Sunday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Flowers are the most requested items for the jigsaw puzzles, so after receiving a couple of requests on the same day, I decided it was time again. Enjoy and please share!

Happy Fourth Of July! Saturday’s Explosive Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

It’s the Fourth of July! Great holiday for us in the USA. I know there are other countries that don’t feel quite the same, so I included a picture of a dog today. Oh, I took the picture from yesterday’s jigsaw puzzle and ran it through the Deep Neural Net Dreams program that shows how […]

Musical Chairs – Friday’s Extra Tough Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Gary wrote and asked for a puzzle made with square pieces, and so this is it. It is very tough as all the pieces are perfect squares. You’ll have to rely 100% on the image as there are no edge shapes to give it away. Just to take a little bit of the heat off, […]

Put Your Drawers On – Thursday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

I had a request from Steve in Ohio for a jigsaw puzzle of some drawers. Naturally, my mind went elsewhere thinking he had a different kind of drawers in mind, and wondering if I needed to call the police or not. After he clarified he wasn’t interested in the kind you wear, I hunted around […]