Shopping Time – Monday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Monday’s can be a bit of a challenge to go shopping on. Often the stores haven’t had time to clean up and restock after the weekend crowds, and there is nearly always the poor store clerk that was supposed to be off over the weekend but had to come in and work anyway because someone […]

Sunday’s Farm Type Daily Jigsaw Puzzle – Cabbages

We like to get several different kinds of cabbage from the local farmer’s market. Each one cooks up a bit different than the other. Chinese cabbage is good for stir fry, while red cabbage goes great in Lumpia (The recipe listed says to use thinly sliced green cabbage, but red cabbage gives it better flavor, […]

Ivy Against A Brick Wall – Saturday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Today’s jigsaw puzzle features ivy growing against a brick wall. I really can’t come up with more to say about it than that. Oh, it’s also fun to play. And… There aren’t any bugs. Enjoy!

Lions and Tigers and Bears – Oh My!

Friday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle OK, there aren’t any tigers or bears in today’s jigsaw puzzle, but by request, I do have another classical image to use today. Oh, the picture above is bigger so it will make a better pin, for those of you who use Pinterest! (Hint hint!) Enjoy! Speaking of cats, don’t […]

Abstract Rainbow Colored Balls – Thursday’s Tough Jigsaw Puzzle

Today’s jigsaw puzzles is sort of an abstract. It’s rows upon rows of rainbow colored balls. And it’s a little bit on the tough side. Enjoy!

Reflections Of The Way Life Used To Be

Wednesday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle The reflections in today’s jigsaw puzzle have nothing to do with the amazing Diana Ross, but still will give a person pause. Happy Birthday, Diana! Enjoy and please share with your friends!

Mail Train Painting – Tuesday’s Classical Picture Jigsaw Puzzle

Today’s jigsaw puzzle is of an old painting of a mail train. I wanted something a bit more classical and was lucky enough to find this picture. Enjoy and share with your friends!

Branches – Monday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

If you are like me, you have probably seen enough branches to last a while. Mine have mostly been on the ground from the storm a couple of weeks ago. I spent a good portion this weekend cleaning them up. The ones in today’s jigsaw puzzle, however, are still attached to the tree, even if […]

Lazy Cat – Sunday’s Purrr-fect Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Whoo-hoo! I just posted the 1200th word search puzzle over at WordSearchADay. Yes, the complete archives are available there, too! OK, on to today’s jigsaw puzzle. It’s a lazy cat. I just happen to like cats. Dogs are OK, but you’ll ever have to listen to a cat hissing at a leaf blowing across the […]

Old Castle – Saturday’s Traditional Style Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Anita asked for a traditional subject for a jigsaw puzzle, and so I figured, what’s more traditional for a jigsaw puzzle but an old castle? Enjoy!

Quilting Corner – Friday’s Confusing Jigsaw Puzzle

Today’s jigsaw puzzle is actually a pattern used in a quilt. Yes, it’s a tough one. No, I don’t have the pattern available to make a quilt with. Enjoy!

Chapel Glass Wall – Thursday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

You may have noticed that the website was down for a while Wednesday. You can read all about it in the News section to the left, but in a nutshell, I had some people try to download every jigsaw puzzle ever published at one time, and my ISP suspended my account for a while. The […]

Bridge Over Troubled waters – Wednesday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

The water under this bridge looks a little like trouble. Guess I won’t be sailing my paper boat down this little river. Today’s jigsaw puzzle was suggested by Suzanna. Thank you, Suzanna! Enjoy and be sure to share!

Great Horned Owl – Tuesday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Well, I had the biggest single day of jigsaw puzzles – ever! I also had tons of good things said about the new look, as well as a small bit of confusion on how to get to the puzzles themselves. It’s easy, just click the image to the puzzle you want and it will open […]

Painted Flowers – A New Look and New Flowers For Monday

Welcome to the New JigsawADay. It’s taken a while, but I hope you like the new look. I’ve had a lot of requests to be able to play older jigsaw puzzles, especially if you miss a day or two. The new look has the last ninety days worth of puzzles, plus it’s easier to pin […]

A Horse Of A Different Color – Sunday’s Abstract Jigsaw Puzzle

Today’s jigsaw puzzle is a bit… Different. It sort of looks like an abstract, but it isn’t. It’s a horse by a lake, and it’s hard to describe. It’s also one heck of a challenging jigsaw puzzle. Enjoy!

Colorful Healthy Fruit – Saturday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Here’s a nice collection of healthy fruit for your puzzle enjoyment. Yum! Enjoy!

Dueling Dragons – Friday’s Tough Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

I’ve had a couple of requests for a tough jigsaw puzzle lately, so today’s is it. It features a relief of two dragons. It’s not the shape of the pieces that make the puzzle tough, it’s the coloration. Enjoy!

House Of Fools – Thursday’s TV Jigsaw Puzzle

Today’s jigsaw puzzle is a shot of the set of a British comedy called “House of Fools.” I just don’t get British humor. I watched the entire first episode, and didn’t really get it. Some of it was funny, but then again, I’m not British. Guess different people think different things are funny. Anyway, here’s […]

Resting Hippos – Wednesday’s Relaxing Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

These hippos are resting resting. I wonder if they are hungry hungry? Come on, you remember the game, right? Hungry Hungry Hippos? Anyway, a trip down the memory zoo lane brought these to mind for today’s jigsaw puzzle. Enjoy!

Guitar Player – Tuesday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Beth asked for a jigsaw puzzle of someone doing an everyday activity. Playing the guitar is an activity. I hope this suits! Thanks for the suggestion, Beth! Enjoy!

Zen Garden Bridge – Monday’s Tranquil Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

I’ve always wanted to have a Zen garden like the one in today’s jigsaw puzzle. Maybe one day I will. For now, I’ve got one of those little desktop gardens with a tiny little rake, some small stones, and some sand. It’s so relaxing to imagine I’m raking in the garden, covering up the people […]

New Painted Flowers – Sunday’s Artistic Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

The jigsaw puzzle I ran last week of some painted pansies was pretty popular, and I had a ton of requests for more like it. As such, I am happy to oblige. Please be sure to share with your friends. Thanks!

Interesting Painting – Saturday’s Not Late After All Jigsaw Puzzle

I wasn’t sure if I would get today’s jigsaw puzzle posted in time or not. We lost power from the ice, and I didn’t think we would get it back anytime soon. There was a big tree blocking the entire road a couple of blocks over, and there were power lines under it. Anyway, power […]

Under The Covered Bridge – Friday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

So if a creepy hairy ugly guy lived under here would it be a troll bridge? Ah, OK. That pun didn’t work out so good. This covered bridge does work out to be a good jigsaw puzzle, though. Enjoy and please share!

Fire Pit – Thursday’s Keeping Warm Jigsaw Puzzle

My neighbor has a fire pit out in her garden area. It helps keep things warm so you can sit outside and enjoy the fresh air without getting frostbit. In fact, I’ve thought of getting one myself. I saw a globe shaped one but with the outline of some deer in the woods cut out. […]

Painted Pansies – Wednesday’s Artistic Jigsaw Puzzle

Today’s jigsaw puzzle is a painting of some pansies. I wanted to do something a little bit more artistic. Enjoy!

Cafe – Tuesday’s Good Eats Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

There’s a cafe not too far away where I eat lunch once in a while. The prices aren’t too bad, and the food is really good. No, it’s not the Hard Rock cafe. I’m not sure there’s one nearby. What’s your favorite place to eat? Enjoy today’s jigsaw puzzle!

Monday’s Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle – It’s A Color Mystery!

I had a request for more mystery jigsaw puzzles, so I made a last minute change to today’s puzzle, and made it a mystery. While I’m sure you will figure out what it is pretty quick, you still don’t get a preview so you will have to complete it to see exactly what it looks […]

Sunday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle – Abstract Slides

I was looking through a bunch of abstract images, trying to pick one out to use for a jigsaw puzzle when I realized the display of a dozen of them would make a great puzzle itself. A little bit of adjustments later, and we have today’s puzzle. Enjoy!