Strange Transportation – Friday’s Road Trip Jigsaw Puzzle

Today’s jigsaw puzzle is some sort of strange transportation. It looks a bit like a stage coach and a kitchen cabinet had a baby. It looks old and strange. Not that all things old are strange. Well, other than me that is. Anyway, enjoy the puzzle!

Three Little Pigs – Thursday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Meet the three little pigs: Pork-chop, Bacon and Steve. They are kind of cute, which is the whole point of today’s jigsaw puzzle. Watch out for the big bad wolf! Enjoy!

The Old Book Bookstore – Wednesday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Today’s jigsaw puzzle is of an old bookstore. Bob, of course, had to go try and confuse me by asking if it meant that it was a really old store that sold books, or a store that sold old books? I think it’s a little bit of both. Enjoy!

The Butterfly – Tuesday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Eva asked if I had any jigsaw puzzles with butterflies. I found this little fellow who was very happy to pose for us today. Actually a bird ate him about ten seconds after this picture was taken, but at least this way he’ll be remembered in a positive way. Enjoy, and please share with your […]

The Beach – Monday’s Daily Good Weather Jigsaw Puzzle

The last two days the weather has been great! As you can see from today’s jigsaw puzzle, I would much rather be at the beach. Oh, well. Maybe later this summer. Enjoy! (P.S. If you had trouble getting to the web page today, I apologize. I was working on an update to the web page […]

Crowned Bird – Sunday’s Jigsaw Puzzle Of A Different Feather

Today’s jigsaw puzzle is of a crowned bird. It’s a funny looking one. Well, Andie asked for something a little bit different. I hope this is different enough. Enjoy!

Blazing Saddles – Saturday’s Stagecoach Express Jigsaw Puzzle

I was looking through our movie collection and spotted the movie ‘Blazing Saddles.’ Somehow in my warped mind that made me think of this picture of a stagecoach so I grabbed it for today’s jigsaw puzzle. I guess I should be happy I didn’t find my tape of a recent political debate. There’s no telling […]

Going For A ‘Walk This Way’ – Friday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

I haven’t done a jigsaw puzzle of some older buildings in a while, so when I found this photograph, I thought it would make a good change of pace. I have no idea where this is, though. Enjoy!

You Don’t Bring Me Painted Flowers

Thursday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle Yep, more flowers! These flowers are painted, and look great! If they remind you of yesterday’s jigsaw puzzle, both pictures were done by the same artist. Enjoy!

Mirror Mask – Wednesday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

I’ve been watching a movie called “Mirror Mask” and that was the inspiration for today’s slightly abstract jigsaw puzzle of masks. The movie is sort of out there, and so is the puzzle. Enjoy!

Continental Breakfast – Tuesday’s Traveling Jigsaw Puzzle

Ken and Pat also sent me the photograph for today’s jigsaw puzzle. I figure a continental breakfast would be just the thing to get me ready for my next trip. Nope, not sure exactly when, but I’m getting ready, even if I can’t spell “continental” without a spell checker. Enjoy!

Boots and Phantom – Monday’s Daily Cats Jigsaw Puzzle

No, Bob, the title of today’s jigsaw puzzle doesn’t mean I’m going to publish a cat jigsaw puzzle every day. Yes, your wife will cook your supper after she finishes the puzzle. (Bob’s wife really, really likes jigsaw puzzles of cats.) Today’s puzzle is of two cats that belong to Ken and Pat. Thank you […]

The Eye Of The Tiger – Sunday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

The tiger in today’s jigsaw puzzle doesn’t look particularly happy, but then again, how would you know? I mean, how would research into that go? Professor: Carl, go into the cage and tickle the tiger to see if you can get him to laugh. Intern: Sir? Professor: Get in there now or I won’t give […]

Between A Rock And A Hard Cafe

Saturday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle When I found this picture of a Hard Rock Cafe, it reminded me that I still had a Desert Rock Cafe T-shirt I picked up in Kuwait many, many years ago. Actually, I have two of them, but this one is the less ragged looking one. Too bad they both […]

Flowers Part Three – Friday’s No More Snow Jigsaw Puzzle

This week I’ve had two other flower based jigsaw puzzles and have some good feedback about them. Today is the third and final one of this series. It’s also a bit more complex. Enjoy!

Plate Of Fruit – Thursday’s Daily Word Search Puzzle

OK, the purple thing in the plate in today’s jigsaw puzzle is probably not a fruit. I think it’s an eggplant. In any case, I think I’ll have a banana! Enjoy!

Rock On! – Wednesday’s “Hard As A Rock” Jigsaw Puzzle

Today’s jigsaw puzzle is, well, as hard as a rock. Sort of. The easier versions aren’t that tough, but the tough version? Wow! It ain’t easy, that’s for sure! Enjoy, and please feel free to inflict this puzzle on your friends!

Violet Flower With A Blue Background

Tuesday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle As promised, today’s jigsaw puzzle is a violet colored flower with a nice blue background. Just in time for the snow. Enjoy! Tomorrow: Rock On!

Trip To The Countryside – Monday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

I believe I may have mentioned my unplanned road trip to the countryside? Today’s jigsaw puzzle is what I saw when I was coming back down the mountain I went up. (Can’t believe I forgot my phone had a GPS app!) Enjoy! P.S. – Tomorrow’s jigsaw puzzle will be a nice violet flower.

Rubik’s Cube – Sunday’s Flower Power Jigsaw Puzzle

I hold a world’s record when it comes to solving a Rubik’s cube. Yep! The longest time ever taken to solve one. How long, you ask? I’ll let you know in about another twenty years or so. Anyway, this next week will feature several different flower themed jigsaw puzzles, with a few non-flower puzzles thrown […]

Fenced In Again – Saturday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

When I told my wife I wanted to take up fencing, I imagined it would involve little pointy swords. Perhaps I shouldn’t have tried to prove how sharp the sword was by trying to chop her favorite candle in half. I’m hoping wife lets me out when she gets home from shopping. Enjoy today’s jigsaw […]

Abstract Paint – Friday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Wow! My facebook page just broke the 1000 likes mark! Thank you so much! Today’s jigsaw puzzle is a nice abstract painting. At least, it looks like it was painted, but it could just be excellent computer graphics. It’s still a heck of a challenge. I had to use a white background because every other […]

Healthy Lunch – Thursday’s Eat Smart Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

One of the things I’m trying to do is to eat more healthy food in order to improve my health. I’m doing it by tiny steps. For example, one serving of baked potato chips has way, way less fat and fewer calories than the normal cooked in oil kind. That’s a substitution I made, rather […]

Painted Ceiling – Wednesday’s Crick In The Neck Jigsaw Puzzle

I got a sore neck working today’s jigsaw puzzle. I kept trying to look up. It is, of course, the painted ceiling of a church. No, I don’t know which one or where it is. That wasn’t included with the photograph. Enjoy, and don’t forget to look down once in a while or you will […]

Tuesday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle – Old Barn

Today’s jigsaw puzzle is of an old barn. I think it could use a coat of paint. Maybe some chickens and a cat or two. Enjoy!

Hobbit House – Monday’s Small Sized Jigsaw Puzzle

Today’s jigsaw is of a small subject. It looks like the outside of a Hobbit sized house. I can’t say for sure that’s what it is. The original didn’t have any kind of a description, so I’ll just go with a Hobbit house. I think I would like to have a house like that some […]

Superbowl Sunday’s Super Jigsaw Puzzles – Two For One

The Superbowl is today, and no, Bob, it doesn’t mean you get to use a bigger ball at the bowling alley. Today I give you two jigsaw puzzles because I just know you’ll have lots of time to play them between the commercials. They are both about snacks with a football theme. No, they don’t […]

Seven Stairs And A Wall – Saturday’s Daily Jigsw Puzzle

Seven stairs and a wall sounds like the beginning of a bad joke. You know, “Seven stairs and a wall walk into a bar…” Just my warped sense of humor, is all. Today’s jigsaw puzzle is of a picture of… You know… Enjoy!