Woof! – Wednesday’s Jigsaw Puzzle’s Bark Is Worse Than It’s Bite

Sandy (no relationship to the storm) just got a new rescue dog – a Doberman. She’s rather proud of her new dog. I’m more of a cat person, myself. In either case, if you want a new pet, consider going to your animal shelter to adopt one. You might just end up with a new […]

Anthirum – A Flower for Tuesday’s Jigsaw Puzzle

It’s hard to say “no” to a request for flowers from a pretty lady. Eva asked me for some flowers, so I’m happy to oblige. This one is part of the family called Anthirum. Enjoy, Eva!

Car Works – Monday’s Drive By Jigsaw Puzzle

I had to do a tiny bit of work on my car this weekend, so I thought a picture of a car being worked on would make a good jigsaw puzzle. In this case it looks like they are restoring this old car. That’s a lot more work than I had to do on my […]

Fall Decorations – Sunday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

It’s time to start putting up the fall decorations, and that means— I shut myself in the back room while my wife does the decorating. Seriously, I couldn’t hang up a leaf without it looking stupid, yet my wife manages to bring out the spirit of the season all the time. It must be a […]

Dominican Art – Saturday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Today’s jigsaw puzzle is of some Dominican art. Enjoy!

Colorful Hats – Freaky Friday’s Jigsaw Puzzle

It’s Friday already, and that’s a little freaky! I’m not sure where it went. Anyway, with Halloween in all the stores (and Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s day, etc.) already these hats caught my attention so I waved my magic wand and presto! Jigsaw puzzles! Now I need to see if I can find a matching purple […]

Surfing The Internet – Thursday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzles

OK, today’s jigsaw puzzle is more for the guys. The geeky guys. It’s a picture of a pretty girl surfing the Internet on her computer. At least that’s what Bob told me. I thought it was just a pretty girl using her computer. I didn’t think of it in those terms, but I can see […]

The River – Wednesday’s Not Made For TV Jigsaw Puzzle

Angel asked for something that represented tranquility, but I couldn’t find a good photograph of the first moon landing. I did find this nice photograph of a river. Remembering times I did some fishing from the bank of a river, I thought this would fill the bill for a tranquil jigsaw puzzle. Until you reach […]

Red Juicy Apples – Tuesday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

I like red apples, especially the ones that are nice and juicy. In fact, on my trip out of town last week, I stopped at a McNuggets on the way and got a couple of packs of their apple slices. While they weren’t as good as ones you slice yourself, they were still tasty, and […]

Trailer Full Of Hay – Monday’s Down On The Farm Jigsaw Puzzle

(Note: This puzzle accidentally published for about 45 minutes late Saturday / early Sunday morning before I got it fixed.) Well, it’s time to make hay and get the crops in. Life down on the old homestead gets kind of laid back until there is something that needs to be done. In this case, it’s […]

Abstract Madness – Sunday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

I got back from my trip early Saturday morning – like 2:00 in the morning early. I was tired! So anyway, I had a request for something more colorful than the last couple of puzzles, and my mind was a little scrambled from all the classroom learning, so I found this abstract photograph and chose […]

Shopping – Saturday’s Day After Payday Jigsaw Puzzle

Friday was payday. That means a shopping marathon today. Well, not really. It’s mostly looking around while seeing which coupons haven’t expired yet. I wasn’t thrilled with the way today’s jigsaw puzzle turned out. It’s not my best work, but Bob said he would still shop there. That’s only because they have a comic book […]

Boy On a Tire Swing – Friday’s Fun-Time Jigsaw Puzzle

I played on a tire swing when I was a kid. Not one like this, though. The one I played on had a rope tied around it so it hung down vertically instead of horizontal like the one in today’s jigsaw puzzle. Also, it had wooden spokes and a metal rim so I got splinters […]

Thursday’s Lunchtime Surprise Jigsaw Puzzle

It’s a mystery to me Today’s jigsaw puzzle is a surprise. The only clue I’m going to give you is that it has to do with lunchtime. Or not.

Wednesday’s Fragrant Jigsaw Puzzle – Red Roses

OK, one rule – if you are a guy playing today’s jigsaw puzzle and there is a special someone in your life, you have to go buy them a single red rose before you can play this puzzle. Ladies – give that special someone something special too, just to let them know you are thinking […]

Chipmunk On A Log – Tuesday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Well, if all has gone well, I’m out of town for some training and today’s puzzle auto-published. I tried to make a pet out of a chipmunk once, but it bit me and ran away. Chipmunks are the cuter version of tree rats (squirrels) and they have racing stripes down the side. Bob says that’s […]

Golden Lion Tamarin – Monday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Well, Monday is coming in like a lion – monkey, that is. I’m off on a trip for some training, but not to worry, the puzzles will continue while I am gone. I may not be able to answer all e-mails depending on my connection and available time, but I will answer any when I […]

Construction – Sunday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

I’ve heard the construction industry is not going so good right now, but there is a good bit of construction going on in our area. It does look like hard work, though. I think I would rather stick with building jigsaw puzzles and the occasional bird house.

Clothes Drying – Saturday’s Laundry Day Jigsaw Puzzle

As a big advocate of energy efficiency, I support the use of solar powered clothes dryers. Of course having a broken electric dryer sort of figures into that equation too. Then again my solar powered clothes dryer broke the other day when it rained… Oh, well. At least you can work the jigsaw puzzles, rain […]

Floor Plans – Friday’s Construction Jigsaw Puzzle

I need to do some repair work at the old homestead. When I told Bob I had some floor plans, he asked if that meant I was going to put in a floor because he figured sweeping a dirt floor must be really hard work. Bob’s ceiling is a little too close to his floor, […]

Choo-Choo! Locomotive – Thursday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

I like riding trains (unless the smoke is blowing right in your face.) I’m not just talking about the kind that shuttle you and a thousand other people between stops in a big city. I’m talking about the kind that go across the country, that you ride for hours or days and actually get to […]

Mushrooms by Stu Phillips – Wednesday’s Fungi Jigsaw Puzzles

OK, the real name of the photograph in today’s jigsaw puzzle is “Mycena inclinata, Clustered Bonnet, UK” By Stu Phillips. I was going to make a joke about Stu being a “Fungi” (fun guy, if you have to ask,) but I’ve never met him. I do know that he is an excellent photographer. This photograph […]

Suspension Bridge Archway – Tuesday’s Jigsaw Puzzle

Today’s jigsaw puzzle is of a suspension bridge archway located in London (I think…) I wanted to do some architecture that was a little different, and this is what I found. Hopefully it won’t fall down while you are working on it. (London bridge is falling down, falling down…) Wheeeeee!

Dripping Cherries – Monday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

We had a bit of rain this weekend, so I decided to see what I could find related to rain for today’s jigsaw puzzle. Yes, these are cherries, but they aren’t ripe yet. At least not as ripe as Bob was when he came over earlier today. He had decided to go play some mud […]

I’m A Little Teapot, Short And Stout!

Sunday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle I’m a little teapot, Short and stout, Here is my handle, Here is my spout, When I get all steamed up, Hear me shout, Tip me up and pour me out! Yeah, these new meds the doctor put me on have got to go! Now, what did I do with that […]

Saturday’s Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle – It’s A Mystery!

Today’s jigsaw puzzle is a Mystery puzzle. You don’t get to preview the picture, and the image below won’t give you a clue either. OK, I’ll give you a clue, but it won’t help much. You’ll have to bridge the gap between what you see and what you get. Enjoy! If you like the free […]

Another Great Big Balloon – Friday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Nate and Kathy are balloon enthusiasts, and liked the balloon jigsaw puzzle from last month. They asked me if I can do another one, and I found this nice shot to use. Up, up and away! Enjoy!

Thursday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle – Banana Flower

I’m going to make this short. Today’s jigsaw puzzle is of a banana flower, called that because it looks like a partially peeled banana. Bob! Don’t eat that! It’s not a real… Arrgh! Good thing I got the picture first… If you like the free jigsaw puzzles, please buy me a cup of coffee. Thank […]

Wednesday’s Jigsaw Puzzle – Harvest Fruit and Vegetables

I bought us some fresh fruit and vegetables this weekend. It’s actually cheaper and better for you at the farmer’s market than at the local grocery mega-store. Now if I can only find some home made chocolate! Today’s jigsaw puzzle was requested by Mindy. Thank you for the suggestion, Mindy!

Asleep At The Wheel – Tuesday’s Drive Time Jigsaw Puzzle

I was going to take the old lawn mower out for a spin, but Fluffy had other ideas. I would have shooed her off of the seat, but Fluffy thinks she’s part saber-tooth tiger. In other words, she bites. The good thing is, she’s cute when she’s asleep. The bad news is, she has insomnia […]