Mushrooms – Tuesday’s Jigsaw Puzzle

Some people like mushrooms on their pizza. I’m not one of them. I don’t like mushrooms. Never have, never will. I prefer pepperoni on my pizza. I only like mushrooms when I can use them for something like a jigsaw puzzle.

The Austin State Capitol Building

Monday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle I was watching this show about government architecture, and one of the buildings it showed was the capital building in Austin. That reminded me I had some photographs of buildings, and sure enough, I had one of that very building. 2 + 2 = A jigsaw puzzle! Enjoy! If you like […]

Sunday’s Nice Weather Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Marigolds The weather lately has been unseasonably nice. My wife has some flowers that are starting to bloom already. And I thought I was confused about the weather! Sharon asked for some flowers for a jigsaw puzzle, and I am happy to oblige. Enjoy!

Watching Mom – Saturday’s Cute Jigsaw Puzzle

Kittens are always cute. Until they bite you, that is. One of these three kittens appear to be watching its mother. Or the guy driving the ice cream truck. It’s a little hard to tell. If you like the free jigsaw puzzles, please buy me a cup of coffee. Thank you!

Rusty Steps – Friday’s Difficult Jigsaw Puzzle

On the face of it, today’s jigsaw puzzle doesn’t look that hard, but once you get into it, you are going to see that it is tougher than it looks. I didn’t plan it that way, it just sort of happened. Have fun, but don’t fall down the rusty steps!

The Big hall at Torpa stenhus

Thursday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle Torpa stenhus is a stately home dating back to the middle ages. I liked the look of the big hall and figured it would make a good jigsaw puzzle. I wonder why they call the narrow space between rooms in a modern house a ‘hall’ or a ‘hallway’ yet a […]

Derry At Twilight – Wednesday’s Nighttime Jigsaw Puzzle

I usually try to stay away from jigsaw puzzles with a lot of sky, but I really, really liked the photograph in today’s jigsaw puzzle. There is something about walking along a bridge or road at twilight, the cool evening air on your face, the peacefulness of being alone, just you, your thoughts and your […]

Winter Flowers – Tuesday’s Cold Jigsaw Puzzle

It got cold here today. I’m sure it felt colder than it really was, but I was freezing. Sue asked for a jigsaw puzzle of some flowers, and I figured, “it’s winter,” so I found some winter flowers. Try not to get frostbite while picking these flowers.

Learning In The Park – Monday’s Educational Jigsaw Puzzle

Learning in the park could be considered educational. It can be calm, quiet, and a nice place to study. The two people in today’s jigsaw puzzle do seem to be enjoying the park, but I doubt the book holds that much interest for them. If you like the free jigsaw puzzles, please buy me a […]

Gas Powered Cargo Cars – Sunday’s Jigsaw Puzzle

Today’s jigsaw puzzle is of some natural gas powered cargo cars. They facilitate the misplacement of your luggage at the airport. I’ve had my luggage lost three times, and that was before I even got out of the house. Have you every had your luggage lost? (P.S. – Sunday’s word search puzzle will be delayed […]

Holiday Banquet – Saturday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

It really isn’t a holiday here, but I wanted to show you what the last banquet I attended looked like. It was pretty close to the one in today’s jigsaw puzzle. Now, where did they put the dessert cart?

Friday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle – Bronze Turtle

OK, I’m not sure if this is a turtle or a tortoise. I do know it’s not a hare. I am pretty sure it doesn’t have any hair either. Tell you what. I’ll race you to Wikipedia to find out. On your mark, get set.. Hey, wait a minute! Get back here! You cheated! I’m […]

If Horses Played Football – Thursday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

If horses could play football, then zebras would have to be the referees. Do you know why a group of zebras is called a herd? Because if you saw them running, you could say you heard them too. OK, very bad joke. Ten yard penalty. Enjoy the jigsaw puzzle. If you like the free jigsaw […]

Granny’s Quilt – Wednesday’s Jigsaw Puzzle

(Quick note – a bug on the fan page caused the first two jigsaw puzzle images to not display properly in some versions of Internet Explorer. That bug has been fixed.) Granny made quilts. A lot of quilts. There were quilts in every room, piled up in closets, on the back of every chair, and […]

Japanese Street Food Vendor – Tuesday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Did you see the link to our new Fan Page over on the right side of the page? We kicked it off with fifteen brand new jigsaw puzzles. Check it out! OK, back to our regularly scheduled jigsaw puzzle. In Japan it is not unusual to see small street vendors set up at night all […]

Mondays Are For The Birds

Monday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle Mondays wouldn’t be so bad if they occurred on a different day of the week. Think about it. If Monday happened on a Friday, you really wouldn’t care that much because you knew the weekend was about to start. Sigh. Today’s jigsaw puzzle is a bird named ‘Monday.’ No kidding!

Bright Bridge – Sunday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

The bridge in today’s jigsaw puzzle is called ‘Bright bridge,’ although it looks a little rusty to me. I guess at one point in time it was quite shiny. It is, of course, only for trains. Toot toot! If you like the free jigsaw puzzles, please buy me a cup of coffee. Thank you!

I”m Clubbin’ It – Saturday’s Rocking Jigsaw Puzzle

Whoo-hooo! It’s Saturday night! Time to put on my disco shoes, white suit, and hair grease so I can go hit up the clubs! Not! I’m spending a quiet Saturday evening at home working on a strange jigsaw puzzle. This one is a bit dark, and for that I apologize, but you can consider this […]

Friday The 13th’s Cat Jigsaw Puzzle

I wanted to do a black cat for Friday the 13th, but I would have had to walk under a ladder to get the photograph, so I decided against it. Instead you get this cute little mouse catcher. It’s a bit safer for Friday the 13th. Watch out for falling bricks. Meow.

Startlight – Thursday’s Starbright Jigsaw Puzzle

Starlight, starbright, first star I see tonight. Or so goes the rhyme. Wednesday was a very complicated day for me, so for Thursday’s jigsaw puzzle I picked something simple. Don’t let that fool you, though. This puzzle can take you a while to work. Enjoy!

Potter – Wednesday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

This potter doesn’t need a magic wand to work his magic. He just needs some mud, a spinning wheel, and his hands. Sorry, but Patrick Swayze isn’t here. If you like the free jigsaw puzzles, please buy me a cup of coffee. Thank you!

Announcement Of Independence – Tuesday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

The painting in today’s jigsaw puzzle is called “A Proclamação da Independência,” or “Announcement Of Independence.” It was painted in 1844 by Francisco Renato Moreaux, a Brazilian painter, and is about the Independence of Brazil on September 7th, 1822. I chose it for today’s jigsaw puzzle because I had been wanting to use a classical […]

Little Green Apples – Monday’s Jigsaw Puzzle

These aren’t Granny Smith’s, I’m afraid. They are, however, good cooking apples. I’ve always wondered about that saying, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” What is the tree is at the top of a hill?

Sunday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle – Small Owl

This tiny fellow is hiding in the grass but the photographer got in a one in a million shot. Some owls make good pets, but in any case they are good to have to control the mouse population. If you like the free jigsaw puzzles, please buy me a cup of coffee. Thank you!

Two For One – Dolphins And A Smart Surprise

Saturday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzles It’s Saturday, and I have a two for one special today. Instead of one jigsaw puzzle, you get two. The first one is of some dolphins. It’s a pretty picture, and heck, everyone likes dolphins. The second jigsaw puzzle is a surprise puzzle. In fact, it’s a smart surprise. The […]

Drinking Water – Friday’s Thirsty Jigsaw Puzzle

I’ve almost completely given up drinking sodas, and now mostly drink water and natural fruit juices. Grapefruit juice is one of my favorites, but water is the best. The young lady in today’s jigsaw puzzle has the right idea. What are you drinking?

Starfish – Thursday’s Underwater Jigsaw Puzzle

I’m a little confused by starfish. They don’t look like fish, and I don’t think you can eat them. Not only that, but what kind of bait do you use to catch them? Sand dollars? Anyway, this one decided to pose for our camera for you, so enjoy! If you like the free jigsaw puzzles, […]

Azerbajiani Landscape – Wednesday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Today’s jigsaw puzzle is from Wikimedia Commons. The attribution is below the puzzles. It is of a beautiful landscape of the Khinalug valley in Azerbaijan. I’ve had several requests for landscapes, and liked this one. I hope you enjoy it too. (Note: Attribution for the photograph in today’s jigsaw puzzle: By Original: Matthew Hadley (nickname […]

A Real Doll – Tuesday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Some things I just don’t understand. I was watching an old black and white movie when one man, in reference to a lovely lady, said she was “A real doll!” As opposed to a fake one? I know he wasn’t talking about Barbie, or even G.I. Joe with the Kung Fu grip. I’m sure the […]

Gorilla My Dreams – Tuesday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

I wanted to do a puzzle of a pretty girl, but Betsy asked for an animal puzzle. Betsy is a pretty girl, but since she asked nicely, I picked out a picture of a gorilla. The pun was just a last second inspiration. If you like the free jigsaw puzzles, please buy me a cup […]