Double Trouble – Saturday’s Twin Jigsaw Puzzles

No, the puzzles aren’t of twins. Consider them more like fraternal puzzles. You get them at the same time, but they aren’t identical. Since Saturday is New Year’s Eve, the first jigsaw puzzle is the obligatory New Year’s jigsaw puzzle. The second jigsaw puzzle is of some students hard at work. I have to wonder […]

Smiling Girl On A Laptop – TGIF’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Yay! It’s Friday! Even the girl in today’s jigsaw puzzle is smiling! Seriously, Bob needed some cheering up after his daughter dropped his iPhone down the garbage disposal. Have you ever done something really stupid and wish you hadn’t done it, but you secretly know that it was funny? Me neither. But that’s sort of […]

Smooth As Glass – Thursday’s Abstract Jigsaw Puzzle

I’ve seen some interesting artwork made from glass over the years, and this abstract really caught my eye because it looks like it was made from glass. I should warn you in advance – if you do the tough version, you are going be be here a while. Still, it is an amazing piece of […]

Carnation’s Evaporated Jigsaw Puzzle for Wednesday

Robin wanted a more upbeat jigsaw puzzle with flowers, so I picked out this lovely picture of a carnation. Evaporated milk not included. Seriously, how many of you remember the TV shows that were sponsored by Carnation Evaporated Milk? The old ‘Burns and Allen Show’ was one of my favorite ones. In fact, that is […]

Tuesday’s Burning Jigsaw Puzzle – Log Pile

The weather suddenly turned colder, so I decided to go get some wood off the woodpile. Then I remembered, I don’t have a fireplace in my house. There is one in a rental house I own, but that doesn’t do me any good here. Not wanting to waste the trip outside, I decided to turn […]

Koekelberg Basilica – Monday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

The Koekelberg Basilica in today’s jigsaw puzzle, otherwise known as the “Basilica of the Sacred Heart” is located in Brussels, Belgium. Brussels is also known for a vegetable who’s sprouts are often eaten by adults and despised by children. OK, that last part was totally made up, but my wife tried to feed me Brussels […]

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays to All!

No matter what your beliefs are, it is still the time of year to share good times with others. I’m finally getting into the spirit of things, and to that, I give you two puzzles for today. The first is of a Christmas ornament, and the second is of a snowman in a sled. I […]

Butterflies Are Free – Saturday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Yes, butterflies are free, unless you buy them. Then they are $50 a dozen. Seriously! You can buy them so you can release them at a wedding or other special occasion. Talk about watching your money fly away! Better to fold dollar bills into origami butterflies and throw them at the members of the wedding […]

Landscape – Friday’s Farming Jigsaw Puzzle

I keep getting requests for landscapes, so of course I’m happy to oblige. This one is of some farmland. I’ve been on a few farms, but no, I didn’t grow up on one. I do, however, live in a zoo. If you like the free jigsaw puzzles, please buy me a cup of coffee. Thank […]

Decorations – Thursday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

With just a couple of days to go, I decided it was time to break out the decorations, and to go shopping. I didn’t realize how crowded it would be out there. The parking was so bad, I saw dozens of cars parked in the No Parking zones. Oh, wait. They do that all the […]

Forest Stairs – Wednesday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Somewhere, out in the woods, someone built a set of stairs to make it easier to get down after they won a game of “King Of The Hill.” Seems kind of silly, though. Did you ever play that game? I did when I was younger. Of course, I didn’t stay on top too long before […]

Leafless Tree Over Water – Tuesday’s Tough Jigsaw Puzzle

I’m probably going to hear about this one. Today’s jigsaw puzzle is a beautiful photograph of a leafless tree over some clear water. Of course the subject matter makes it harder than usual. Take your time and enjoy the puzzle. Make sure you have a pot of coffee because you are going to be here […]

Abandoned Farm House – Monday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

I just finished watching the movie “Cowboys and Aliens.” It was a fairly good movie. In it our hero returns to his abandoned farm house seeking to regain his lost memory. I can picture the memories a place like this can have. I have a lot of good memories of a house we once lived […]

Breakwater At Sunset – Sunday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Every once in a while I come across an amazing photograph that knocks my socks off. The picture in today’s jigsaw puzzle is one of those. It is of a breakwater at sunset, and in some respects looks more like a painting than a photograph. It is also a little bit on the tough side, […]

Saturday’s Barking Jigsaw Puzzle – Collie

I have never owned a collie, but I have family that has. I did, however, enjoy the show “Lassie” when I was a kid. The dog was pretty smart. I just couldn’t figure out how that kid in the show managed to keep falling down wells. You would think he would have learned his lesson […]

Red Gerber – Friday’s Flowery Jigsaw Puzzle

I thought for the longest time that a Gerber was either a pocket sized multi-tool or a type of baby food. Who knew it was also a type of flower? I mean, it was an honest mistake when my wife mentioned she liked the red ones. I must have gone to a dozen different hardware […]

Old Horse Drawn Wagon – Thursday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

I found the photograph of this old wagon to be a little sad. Perhaps if it had been taken care of a little better, it would still be usable. Have you ever ridden in a horse drawn wagon? I did, years ago. It was fun, if a little bumpy and smelly.

Sailor – Wednesday’s Water-bound Jigsaw Puzzle

Today’s jigsaw puzzle combines four requests into one: 1. Jigsaw puzzle with a person in it. 2. A boat or a ship. 3. Landscape of some sort. 4. Birds. Hey, sometimes I get a lot of requests, and today’s jigsaw puzzle combines some of those. It’s not alwas easy to please everyone. Enjoy! If you […]

Tuesday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle – Church Dome And Bell Tower

I like old historical buildings, and am particularly fascinated by old churches. Having been to Rome and the Vatican, I think the paintings and sculptures done hundreds of years ago are amazing. They also make wonderful jigsaw puzzles as well. Enjoy! If you like the free jigsaw puzzles, please buy me a cup of coffee. […]

Monday’s Artistic Jigsaw Puzzle – Brush And Paints

I wanted to create something artistic for today’s jigsaw puzzle, but didn’t know where to start. Then it occurred to me, I needed some brushes and paint. That’s as far as I got, so here are the brushes and paint. What can you create with them? I made a jigsaw puzzle!

Sushi – Sunday’s Lunchtime Jigsaw Puzzle

I like sushi. I learned to eat it while living in Japan. It’s pretty good. You put it in the microwave for a minute, and it tastes like fish! I’m kidding, but the sushi over there is much better than what you usually find in grocery stores here. I did find a Japanese restaurant locally […]

Maneki Neko – The Lucky Cat

Saturday’s Extreme Jigsaw Puzzle The Maneki Neko are Japanese sculptures that are believed to bring good luck to the owners. We saw these all over the place when we lived in Japan, and ended up buying a few ourselves, which we still have. I’ve had a couple of requests for a tough jigsaw puzzle. Request […]

Winter House – Friday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Roger, who has been enjoying our puzzles for years, sent me this photograph of his home. With the cold snap we had today, I thought it was an appropriate subject for today’s jigsaw puzzle. Thank you, Roger! No, no snow for us – yet. But it’s coming. Brrrr…

Carlisle Castle Cannon – Thursday’s Big Bang Jigsaw Puzzle

Carlisle Castle is over nine hundred years old. I like castles, and have visited my fair share over the years. The differences between this kind of castle and a Japanese castle are striking, yet each serves it’s purpose. Of course a castle always makes a great jigsaw puzzle. If you like the free jigsaw puzzles, […]

Lotus Flower by Vickilynne – Wednesday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Vickilynne sent me some wonderful photographs she took, and I am happy to present one for today’s jigsaw puzzle. It is a nice lotus flower. Thank you, Vickilynne. (Coming soon – even more puzzles from our visitors.) If you like the free jigsaw puzzles, please buy me a cup of coffee. Thank you!

The Secret Painting – Tuesday’s Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle

I haven’t had a mystery jigsaw puzzle in a while, and Ellen asked for a painting. Today’s jigsaw puzzle meets both these requirements. Yup, it’s a mystery to me how this painting came to be. And it’s a tad bit different, too.

Chickens by Judy – Monday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

It was a long weekend spent mostly getting the website back to normal. Yesterday’s puzzle of a turtle reminded me of a comic strip about two turtles headed right at each other. With a collision coming sometime in the next twenty minutes, one says to himself “Look who wants to play ‘chicken!’” Of course the […]

Turtle – Sunday’s Slow Jigsaw Puzzle

Note – The hard and tough versions of the puzzles have been fixed. You should be able to download them now. Well, the problem with me uploading files to the website is still dirt slow, so I picked a picture of a turtle to represent what I am dealing with. Fortunately, downloads seem to be […]

Old Town In Cesky – Saturday’s Super Late Jigsaw Puzzle

I apologize for Saturday’s jigsaw puzzles being so late. There is a problem with a router on the Internet that my traffic goes through to reach my server that is having problems. The issue is that I can’t upload anything faster than an old 300 baud modem. (Remember dial up modems?) I have isolated the […]

Turkey Sandwich – Friday’s Leftovers Jigsaw Puzzle

Thanksgiving was a week ago. Guess what I had for lunch today? The same thing I’ve had for the last six days. Leftover turkey. This time I made it into a sandwich. That’s the last time I buy a super sized bird.