Sunday’s Street Scene Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Today’s jigsaw puzzle features a street scene from… Somewhere. I honestly don’t remember off the top of my head where this is from. If I think of it I’ll post it. Enjoy!

Blue-Eyed Susan’s – Saturday’s Flowery Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

It’s flower time again! Yep, someone asked for flowers. Well, it was my wife, and she does have a birthday coming up sometime. I know, because I have it written down… Somewhere… Anyway, the flowers in today’s jigsaw puzzle are called Blue Eyed Susan’s. Enjoy!

Living Room Furniture – Friday’s At Home Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Today’s jigsaw puzzle features a nice living room full of furniture. That’s better than an empty living room, unless you need the space for ballroom dancing. Enjoy!

Thursday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle – Sand Dune Abstract

Today’s jigsaw puzzle is an abstract, and for some reason it reminds me of sand dunes at the beach. Enjoy!

Red and Fried Green Tomatoes – Wednesday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Today we have nice raw red tomatoes and green tomatoes. Sorry, they aren’t fried. Thanks go out to Rebecca for the suggestion for today’s jigsaw puzzle. Enjoy!

Rural Horse – Tuesday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Today’s jigsaw puzzle is for all the people that live in rural areas and own a horse or two, or three, or four… City folk can enjoy it too, I hope! It’s been years since I rode a horse, but I remember it was fun. Enjoy!

Monday’s Healthy Meal Daily Jigsaw Puzzle – Diet Breakfast

Today’s jigsaw puzzle starts the week out with a diet breakfast. I consider it to be the warm-up for the real breakfast of pancakes, eggs… Well, I think I would probably want a bit more, but for a jigsaw puzzle the serving is the right size. Just to make sure your Monday starts right, I […]

Old Painting – Sunday’s Traditional Style Jigsaw Puzzle

I wanted to do a jigsaw puzzle that was a bit more traditional, and chose this picture of an old painting. (No, Bob, it isn’t a self portrait I made in the 1800’s. I’m not that old!) Anyway, I don’t remember who painted it or when. It’s actually been in my collection of pictures for […]

Barrel Cacti – Saturday’s Prickly Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

In the cactus garden you want to be especially careful you don’t trip or sit down unexpectedly. Cacti hurt! They are pretty to look at, but if you’ve ever stuck yourself with one, you know to be careful around them. I think we once had the only cactus in the state of North Carolina that […]

Staircase – Friday’s Upwardly Mobile Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Here’s a staircase in an interesting jigsaw puzzle. It almost looks like it’s in a school somewhere. Anyway, it’s Friday which means the weekend is only hours away! Oh, yesterday’s puzzle wasn’t a pizza after all. It was a quiche. Enjoy!

Interesting Pizza – Thursday’s Lunchtime Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Today’s jigsaw puzzle sort of looks like a pizza, but I’m not sure. It could be a pizza, but then again it could be some kind of dessert. Only way to tell for sure is grab a fork and dive in! Enjoy!

Wednesday’s Nearly Caught Up Daily Jigsaw Puzzle – A Surprise

Today’s jigsaw puzzle is the one that I was supposed to publish yesterday, but got out of order. By tomorrow things will be caught up. For this one it’s a mystery jigsaw puzzle, which means you don’t get a preview. You also don’t get any hints. What you do get is an extra version. The […]

Scary Stairs – Tuesday’s Out Of Order Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Well, I got the puzzles a bit out of order here, and yesterday I published Wednesday’s puzzle by mistake, so today I’m publishing yesterday’s puzzle. Confused? I sure am. Anyway, this puzzle is of some scary stairs up the side of a cliff. I’m not sure I could climb these, either up or down! Either […]

Early Monday Morning Flowers – Today’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

It’s Monday, and I thought a good way to start the week was with some nice flowers. Indoors, of course. I wasn’t sure how long they would last outside given the strange weather we’ve had over the last few days. Anyway, it’s just my way of saying you should take the time to smell the […]

Old Railroad Bridge – Sunday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

I drove past an old bridge not too long ago, and it had railroad tracks down the middle. Not exactly like this, but similar to it. Did you ever walk across one of these, and then you kept looking over your shoulder to make sure there wasn’t a train coming even though you knew it […]

New Construction – Saturday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

There’s a lot of new construction going on in my area. Mostly shopping, as we have a bit of a glut of empty houses, but there are houses being built, too. Today’s jigsaw puzzle is a reflection of that. What about where you live? Enjoy!

Girl At The End Of Summer – Friday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Summer’s almost over, and I thought a picture of a pretty girl enjoying the last of it would make a good jigsaw puzzle. Enjoy and please share!

Old Silverware – Thursday’s “Company’s Coming” Jigsaw Puzzle

Break out the silverware, company’s coming for dinner and we need to make it look fancy! What? Silver polish? Just dip them in some red juice, grandma! Oh, all right, I’ll polish them. What? Uncle Bob pawned all the silver and the only thing in the drawer is an old lottery ticket? Hmmmm… Break out […]

Flowers In The Yard – Wednesday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Strange as it may seem, we do actually have a few flowers in the yard. Not like the ones in today’s jigsaw puzzle, but a few. Oh, see today’s word search puzzle (the link is to the left) to see how I get $15 audio books for about $2 each. No, I’m not trying to […]

Squirrel – Tuesday’s Non-Flying Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Today I saw an insurance commercial that had a lizard, a moose and a flying squirrel in it. The lizard I understand, but I never thought the moose and squirrel would sell out, but I guess they have to eat, too. Of course they could have eaten the lizard, but then again they are probably […]

Happy Couple Biking – Monday’s Free Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

This looks like a happy couple riding the bicycle in today’s jigsaw puzzle, although I have to wonder if she ever tells him to pull over and ask for directions. Anyway, I wanted something a little bit different, and since the wheels rotate on this thing, and it’s hard to ride so I made a […]

Me And You And A Dog Named Boo – Sunday’s Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

I keep listening to oldies on the radio and it keeps giving me ideas for jigsaw puzzles. In this case, I found a nice photograph of a Golden Retriever puppy to use. If you like dogs, then you’ll like today’s puzzle. Enjoy!

Orchidee – Saturday’s Flowerful Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Several times over the last couple of years I have released a jigsaw puzzle of an Orchidee. I think this one is the best. What do you think? Enjoy!

Mini-Rock Landscape – Friday’s Outdoor Walk Jigsaw Puzzle

A few years back some friends and I would go on the occasional hike and one time we were in an area that looked a lot like the picture in today’s jigsaw puzzle. These days I don’t spend nearly as much time outdoors, although I suppose I should start going again. It’s probably because I […]

Fruit – Thursday’s Extremely Red Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

I’m probably going to get some hate mail over today’s jigsaw puzzle. Not only is it very red, the subject matter makes it even tougher. Oh, I also threw in a rotating piece version as well. I thought about making all versions rotate, but common sense kicked in so I only did the one. Here’s […]

Beach Bar – Wednesday’s Global Forgiveness Day Jigsaw Puzzle

Today is “Global Forgiveness Day” and what better way to let someone know you forgive them than buying them a beer at the beach? Well, I’m sure there are other ways, but that seemed a good segue into today’s jigsaw puzzle, which is a small outdoor bar at the beach. Cheers!

Mother And Child – Tuesday’s Outdoors Jigsaw Puzzle

There’s something about seeing a mother and her child that crosses species. Unless you are speaking about spiders. Then it’s all just… Ick! Kathy told me to be a dear and do a puzzle of some wildlife so… Here you go Kathy! Enjoy!

Mexico City Hotel – Monday’s Free Daily Jigsaw puzzle

Well, it’s Monday, so it’s time to go back to work. Of course, if you had to stay at a hotel like this while working, I guess it wouldn’t be so bad, so order some room service and enjoy!

Kermit – Sunday’s Free Froggy Day Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

It was a bit froggy out this morning. Seriously! I went outside to get the paper, and there were two frogs right in front of my porch. Ribbit! Anyway, today’s jigsaw puzzle is of a frog I’m sure everyone will recognize. Enjoy and share, especially the beginner version which is great for kids!

Let’s Go Shopping! – Saturday’s Payday Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Yesterday was payday, so today we are going shopping. What for, you might ask? How about for a new pair of gym shorts? The twenty plus year old pair I have now is starting to get a bit thin. Speaking of thin, why is it called “a pair” when there is only one? Why does […]